Mullayo's Mid-season Roster-bation

Pre-season, me and others posted our depth charts, unbeknownst to us Gene Smith went postal and blew up the roster in a fit of reality checking. In the hazy aftermath, we can see improvements but it's hard to gauge post apocalypse how much we've gained?

Witness my post-draft,  pre-free agency depth chart  - notice how it bears little or no resemblance to the current chart after the leap. This season is (Texan'  perrenial choking apart)  pretty much a write off. My question to you fellow fans is what state will our roster be in heading into next season? The D is world beating but will the O be good enough? Will these players be there? Where will we upgrade? Will it be enough with ascending Texans and Andrew Luck in Indy?


O-Line: LT:Monroe 7.5—LG Manuwai 7—C:Meester 7—-RG: Uche 6.5—---RT: Eben 7.5
                Whimper 6.5—---Smiley 6 ——---Estes6.5——— Rackley 6+ ------Haslam 6
                ----------------—————————-Vierling 5——————————-  Baldridge 5

FL(Z): Thomas 7—SE(X): Hill 6.5—SL(Y): Shorts6+—-TE: Lewis 8—FB:Jones9—RB:MJD9.5
Underwood5—------—Osgood 6.5———Dillard6.5--—-----Miller6—-----Owens 7—-Jennings6.5
  Matthews5—-----—---Hughes5———————————--Oordt 6———————-----Deji 6

QB: Garrard 7/Gabbert 6+/McCown 6rade


LDE: Lane 6.5————DT Alualu 8———-DT Knighton 8.5———RDE: Kampman8
Mincey 6.5—————D’Anthony 7 -——-Douzable 6.5—————-Morgan 6
Harvey 6———————--------Moseley 6,5————————————Hart 6

SLB: Smith 8.5————-MLB Kirk Morrison 6.5————-WLB Durant 6.5
         ———------------—— Cutrera6/Slade 6——— Allen 6.5/Bosworth 6.5/Bowen 6

LCB: Cox 7——-SS: Greene 7—FS: Whitehead 6+—NB:Middleton 5.5—RCB: Mathis 6.5
      Wheatley6—-Considine 5———Prosinski 6+————Issac 6+—————D.Jones 6


O-Line: LT:Monroe 7.5—LG Britton 7—C:Estes 6.5—-RG: Uche 6.5—---RT: Whimper7.5
               Haslam 6.5—-----Rackley 6.5 ---Meester 6..5—--Spitz 6.5-------------Bradfield 6

FL(Z): Sims Walker7—SE(X): Robiskie6.5—SL(Y): Thomas7.5—-TE: Lewis 8—FB:Jones9—RB:MJD9.5

Hill 6.5------------—----------------Westin 6.5——----—Shorts6.5.5--—-----Fendi 6.5---Owens7—--Jennings6.5

Dillard 6.5—-----—---———-----Osgood 6.5————-------————----Cloherty 6——Bolen 6.5—-----Deji 6

QB: Gabbert 6+/McCown 6


LDE: Roth 7————DT Alualu 8———-DT Knighton 8.5———RDE: Mincey 7.5
Lane 6.5————----—D’Anthony 7 -——------Douzable 6.5—————-Chick 6.5
Scheichl 6 ------------------Moseley 6.5--------------Collins 6—————— Morgan 6

SLB: Smith 8.5————-MLB Posluszny  8.5————-WLB Sessions 7.5
 Bosworth———------------—— Allen 6——-----------------------—Lockley 6

LCB: Youbooty 7——-SS: Landry 7.5—FS: Lowery 7.5—NB:Coleman 6.5—RCB: Cox 7.5

 Heath 6—-----------------Greene 6.5——Prosinski 6+————Issac 6+—-----Middleton6.5

-------------------------------Estrada 6--------Whitehead 6-----------------------------------Rutland 6

*Areas of need (assming Gabbert is an ascending franchise QB) are in rough order WR1, OT, CB, LB, DE.

Re-sign Daryl Smith ASAP?What do you think?

What did Gene get right and what was wrong? How much was covering his own ass?

Do we need to resign Kampman or do we have the mix right with Roth and Chick supporting Mincey, Lane etc.?

Is our secondary sorted at last? Do we need Mathis or can Cox carry the load with Coleman and a bunch of hungry youngsters?

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