Which coaches will be fired?

Bill Belicheat: job secure!

Tony Sparano: dunzo. Probably going to be replaced by somebody high-profile as the 'Fin's owner thinks he can succeed on money alone (Parcells, anyone?). Cowher is rumored to be in line here.

Rex Ryan: job secure! But he's been eerily quiet this season as his team struggles. Methinks once his team is eliminated from play-off contention, he'll get back to his old obnoxious self, loudly boasting to any sportscaster that will listen that his Jets are going to win the next three superbowls. Booo. Maybe another poor season will get him kicked back to a DC on some other team. We can only hope.

Chan Gailey: despite another second-half collapse, Gailey will keep his job and the Bills owner will spend the off season wondering why on earth he gave Ryan Fitzpatrick so much money.

Mike Tomlin: this team is play-off bound, I wager, so Omar Epps is goin nowhere.

Marvin Lewis: how on earth has this guy held a job? up and down up and down, but thankfully the Bungles seem to be on the up and may even make the play-offs so I expect him back again.

John Harbaugh: A steelers sweeep???? who needs the Superbowl? Harbaugh will be back.

Pat Shurmur: Who is this guy?? Someone who needs more than one year to turn around the NFL's saddest franchise, that's who!

Norv Turner: dunzo! Chargers miss the play-offs and their owner finally runs out of patience and sacks Turner. No worries, I think he'll do well somewhere else (with the Jags maybe? What are everyone's thoughts?)

Hugh Jackson: he's hangin in there and since the Chargers are failing miserably, Oakland can make the playoffs (albeit, I predict they'll be one and done against a superior wild card team like the Steelers or Ravens).

Todd Hailey: Chiefs' owner isn't the most patient, but hey! the guy's young and his team is ravaged with injuries. I say he deserves another chance and a new QB with his team's high draft pick.

John Fox: responsible for turning the crappy Tebow into a sure-fire winner? Well, no but he'll be around at least long enough to see the option-crazy former Gator either convert the whole NFL to Christianity or die at the hands of fast, vicious linebackers. Or both! (I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I myself am a Christian but fairly apathetic towards Tebow)

Mike McCarthy: another Superbowl title this year? That'd be awesome!

Lovie Smith: Hey look! The bears are actually better this year. I predicted total collapse but props to Jay Cutler and Matt Forte for carrying the offense. I say Lovie stays after what I believe will be another play-off season (if you don't believe me just look at the rest of the NFC outside this divison)

Jim Schwartz: needs anger management classes, but he'll stick around.

Leslie Frazier: needs more pieces in his rebuild. Sheesh, this team has a few awesome players (Peterson, Allen) but everything else is crap

Sean Payton: sustained a career ending injury.... but thankfully he never has to play so awesome! His team is bound to go deep into the play-offs (until they run into Aaron Rodgers) and one of the NFL's best coaches will be back next year.

Raheem Morris: Not sure with this one. Has the owner run out of patience? Is Morris just too darn young? Personally, I think the Bucs just overachieved last year which led to high expectations that were predictably dashed when they ended up sucking. Morris will return and be a bit more humble about it too...

Mike Smith: 4th and inches notwithstanding, this guy does a great job and deserves to stick around in a tough division.

Ron Rivera: just getting started! Cam Newton develops and he looks better and better.

Tom Coughlin: Will they or won't they? come on, Giants, just make the play-offs already. Coughlin has a bad reputation around the league but the players actually like him and I think they'll be around in January to see some success, thanks to...

Andy Reid: enough is enough. It's time to make a change for this underachieving team. I say Andy goes and somebody gets promoted from within. Huge disappointment the past couple years.

Jason Garrett: safe for now! Try to win some more next year, ok?

Shanahan: what is wrong with this guy??? how did he NOT fix the qb problem in this year's draft? the redskins problems go deeper than him and I think he stays. Other people in the FO should go though...

Pete Carroll: good ole exuberant Pete will stick around as his team is squeezing out tough wins against good opponents.

Jim Harbaugh: coach of the year! Contract extension! accolades! unreasonable superbowl expectations for 2012!

Steve Spagnuolo: hard to say... why the offensive collapse?I say sack him!

Ken Whisenhunt: I say sack him!

Jim Caldwell: sack him too! Boring, sad 0-16 team needs new life.

Mike Munchak: he'll be stalking the sidelines next year.

Gary Kubiak: geez, this guy is still here? Well, it looks like he's play off bound for the first time in franchise history despite a QB injury. He'll be back but man was I suprised he kept his job after last year. Guess it was a good call.

Jack Del Rio: sacked! Finally. I would be happy with the PAckers' OC filling his job or maybe Randy Edsall. Jeff Fischer would be fun but I don't see that happening...

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