Start'em Sit'em Week 12

ORCHARD PARK, NY - OCTOBER 10: Josh Scobee #10 of the Jacksonville Jaguars kicks a field goal agaisnt the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Must start of the week is Drew Brees vs. NYG

Quarterbacks Start'em 
1. Tom Brady- Brady and the Patriots finally got it going in week 11 in Monday Night Football against the Chiefs. Expect them to carry that stride on the road against PHI.

2. Eli Manning- Manning is coming back from a disappointing home loss against PHI, but this week is going to be a different story against the Saints 

3. Tony RomoRomo has been putting up solid points in the past few weeks and is going to have another great week against MIA.

Quarterback Sit'em

1.Philip RiversRivers has been doing awful in the fantasy world and don't expect anything different this week against the electrifying Broncos.

2.Mark Sanchez- Definitely not a highly rated quarterback this year and going against the must win Bills it will be a challenge.


Running Back Start'em

1. LeSean McCoyMcCoy is coming off his first game without a touchdown and he is going to have a productive game  against NE. Plus he'll have his QB, Michael Vick, back in the lineup.

2. Matt Forte- Forte is coming off minimal points in week 11, but with Jay Cutler out, expect him to have a lot of carries this week.

3. Steven Jackson- Jackson has been off and on this year, but going against the Cardinals he should have a productive game.

Running Back Sit'em  

1. Demarco Murray- Kind of a surprise but, if the Dolphins stopped Fred Jackson expect them to do the same against Murray. 

2. Bradshaw/Jacobs- They have not been able to get the running game going so don't expect it this week against the Saints.

Wide Receivers Start'em  .

1. Mike Wallace- Coming off a bye and facing the Chiefs, he should see some deep targets.

2.. Larry Fitzgerald- Got most of the main targets last week so don't expect anything less against the Rams.

Wide Receivers Sit'em

1. Dwayne BoweHe's a great WR in KC, but going against PIT and safety Troy Polamalu don't expect a big game from Bowe.

2. Torrey Smith- Had an electrifying week but don't expect it against the top ranked 49ers defense.

Tight End Start'em

1 Jason Witten- He's one of the best TE in the NFL and is going to have a great week against MIA.

2. Vernon Davis- Coming off a great week and this week is going to be more of the same under the lights against the Ravens.

3. Greg Olsen- Not his best week in fantasy last week but should see a lot of targets from Newton against the awful Colts.

Tight End Sit'em 

1.Brandon Pettigrew- Not as good a year as he would've liked as people expected him to excel this year. He won't this week either.

2.Dustin Keller- Not many targets this year, plus Mark Sanchez isn't paying well. Not going to be a good week for him.

Kicker Start'em

1. The number one kicker this week is in our hometown of Jacksonville. Josh Scobee. If we can't get it going we can depend on him.

Kicker Sit'em

1. John Kasay- He might be the number two ranked kicker but has missed some valuable kicks and don't see him putting up big numbers.

Defense Start'em

1. Pittsburgh Steelers- Going against Chiefs, I see a shutdown in their future.

Defense Sit'em

1. Detroit LionsDo I even need to say why?

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