Thunder64's Jaguar OffSeason

Here is  my opinon of how the offseason turns out for the Jags.

Release/Dont resign

Mike Sims-Walker

Ashton Youboty

Jason Hill

Brock Bolen(practice squad)

Fendi Onubun(practice squad)

Guy Whimper

TJ Heath(Practice Squad)

Rashean Mathis

D'Anthony Smith


Dwight Lowery

Brian Robiskie

Jeremy Mincey

CJ Mosely

Matt Roth

Courtney Greene

Luke McCown

Josh Scobee

John Estes

Comments: The most shocking here is letting Mathis go in Free Agency. Mathis will demand high money and is frankly not worth it coming off of a ACL tear and aging. I think we keep Robiskie as I except him to finish the season good if he gets healthy. The others are pretty much obvious as to why resigning or releasing a certain player.

Free Agency

WR- Dwayne Bowe 5 years 30 million 6 a year

OL- Ben Grubbs 5 years 28 million  5.6 a year

DE-Mario Williams 5 years 50 Million 10 a year

Comments- With the current cap room as high as 29 million and the draft now being guaranted money and low contracts I see Gene Smith dishing out the big money here. The projectd signings would equivalte to the Jags being around 10 million under the cap with the draft to go. Bowe is a blossoming young prospect who will be Gabbert's best friend in the future. Grubbs can play inside or out allowing us to either have a strong and dependable G or T. Then, with the signing of Mario Williams the Jags build a D-Line not to mess with. Mario I belive likes the 4-3 more and was a dominant force of the edge in it in Houston before Wade Phillips got there. The Jags again make a big splash in Free Agnecy.


1st-Morris Claiborne CB LSU

2nd-Marvin McNutt WR Iowa

3rd- Tyderke Powell DT UNC

4th- William Vlachos C UA

5th- Brandon Bolden RB Miss

6th- Sean Powell P FSU

7th-Lowery Trade

Comments- With Mathis Leaving and the WR depth being so strong I think the Jags go ahead and take the best Defensive Player in my opinion and certaintly a huge need in CB with Claiborne. In the Second, Marvin McNutt is an absolute stud. He has the 30 less catches then Justin Blackmon but he has the same stat line, with just three less TD grabs. Also, he is 3 inches taller. In the third, I went with seemingly not a huge need at DT. Even though not a huge need the Defensive Line is where championships are won and Powell rotating in for 15-20 snaps a play would be beneficial to this Defense. In the 4th, Vlachos out of Bama will be our future center. Even with the resigning of Estes, I think the Alabama center will easily take the starting job when Meester is done.  In the 5th, Bolden is a big powerful back with some speed. He will a benefit in the 4th quarter in bringing him in to wear down Defenses. Powell the punter out of FSU is the Nations leader in Punt Average.  Even though Nick Harris is doing well this guy can pin teams down inside the five with ease. He also can rugby punt(take notes Matt Turk).

Coaching- Its Del Rio's time to go and the Jags need to hire a strong willed head coach with a very good O Coordinator to teach Gabbert.

Thats it guys I think if this unfolds the way I projected we will be playing more than 16 games next season.

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