Joining the cool kids: My version of this coming offseason

Gotta join the party and put out my version of what this coming offseason should look like.

JAGUARS FREE AGENTS(If I miss someone or mistakenly include someone balme footballsfuture's list of free agents)


  • Jacob Hester: Besides sharing my birthday, I have liked what this guy brings to the field since his days at LSU. I could envision him being a very good overall option for this team.
  • Vincent Jackson: I think he is the most realistic guy to go after. Meachem, I think at least, is not going to be as good as V-Jax. Desean Jackson is just the kind of personality this team does not need, and Bowe I like but think he is just going to be harder to get and more expensive
  • Harry Douglas: Lesser known, but might be as talented as the lower rung of the "upper tier" guys.
  • Cliff Avril: I know how many people would like to see Mario Williams in Black and Teal, but I think a better move is to pursue the hometown boy who is looking great in Detroit. Williams is going to be expensive, and is coming off a major injury. I fee like Avril is the more logical selection to target

JAGUAR 2012 DRAFT SELECTIONS(I am not all that familiar with guys projected for later rounds so cut me some slack if a pick is awful for rounds 4 and beyond)

  1. Morris Claiborne: Dude is a freakin stud at CB. I think that a Claiborne/Cox/Landry/Lowery backfield is just going to be insane.
  2. Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois: You might be asking yourslef "WHO?!!!" Well to answer that all I really need to say is 13.5 sacks this season for Illinois. The way I see things he is going to be a major riser this year, and he could present himself as a very enticing option for this D-Line in the 2nd round. I also read he lost a knuckle in a weightlfting incident; pretty coll if you ask me.
  3. Kendall Wright WR Baylor: I think that is Kendall Wright is there in the 3rd round, he is a guy who cannot be passed upon(unless a Sanu or Jones happens to fall into the 3rd). I think that this guy can emerge as that field stretching WR that teams really love to have.
  4. Matt Reynolds OT BYU: I might have him falling a bit, but assuming he does find his way to the 4th, it appears to me like his would be a solid option to come in and help resolve this O-Line conundrum faced by the Jaguars. I could envision him at Rt, Eben moving to G, and Uche or Rackley easing heir way into being the C of the future.
  5. Brandon Taylor FS LSU: I saw a 4th-6th round projection on him, and so couple that with LSU defense and the Jags probably benefiting from adding a safety in the draft, and this pick sounds like a good one.
  6. Michael Egnew TE Missouri: I think he is going to find his way down to the 6th round given his poor production this year. Reuniting him with Gabbert might be his best shot at success early on in his NFL career.


  • General Manager: Bill Kuharich: I want to bring in a guy who has a lot of experience in NFL front offices. Kuharich has that and has had success as a GM in the past.
  • Head Coach: Pete Carmichael Jr.: This team needs to get a Head Coach who is an offensive minded guy. This team is lacking on the offensive side, and so a good coach who has an offensive mind would be great. PCJ presents a guy who has coordinated a top tier offense for the past few years, and a guy who has been working under one of the better overall head coaches in the business, Sean Payton.
  • Offensive Coordinator: Gus Malzahn: This is a wildcard selection for me. I have read rave reviews for Malzahn, and maybe between him and PCJ, this offense could really emerge in the future as something special
  • Offensive Line Coach: Matt Patricia: This is a wildcard selection for me. I happen to think this dude looks real cool on the sideline and I saw that he has spent a couple of years an an offensive assistant and assistant O-line coach in New England. While he is coaching safeties right now, he just scream Line coach to me.
  • Wide Receiver Coach: Curtis Johnson: I could envision this guy following PCJ out of NO and coming with him to Jacksonville

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