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The Jaguars have obviously had a very tough year and have experienced many injuries to make it worse. Here is my take on how this team can be fixed because things are obviously not going well in Jacksonville. First, I don't expect this team to win any more than two games by the end of the season. If things continue to get worse, we may not win a game until the last game of the season against the Colts. I fully expect this team to lose to the Falcons and Chargers considering our defensive injuries and the games against the Titans and Bucs will be difficult as well. By the end of the year, we will have a top 5 -7 draft pick, which puts us in the area of some very good CBs and OTs.

The first thing that needs to happen in the offseason is Del Rio needs to be fired. Whether he is the problem or not, this team has cultivated an atmosphere of losing at his watch and that cannot be changed without a coaching change. I am not going to pretend like I know much about the hot coaching candidates right now, but one guy who might be a good pick is Andy Reid if he gets fired. He is a pretty good QB coach and we really need someone to come in and help Gabbert develop or a guy we draft in a couple of years. Either way, we need an offensive minded coach who can help this team develop. I'd also like to see Tucker get hired long term because he is doing an excellent job as the defensive coordinator this year. Either way, I expect a new coach to be hired this offseason. Weaver's words after the game were not very promising for Del Rio anyhow.

In FA this team needs to pursue another DE and a decent OT. I expect them to try and sign Cliff Avril, since he is from Jacksonville. Along with these two pickups, they should pursue a top tier WR. There are around ten guys in FA this offseason that are considered number 1 receivers and the Jags should be able to come out of FA with one considering how much money we have to spend. I would like to get Bowe, but a few other guys could be solid additions. It also wouldn't hurt to try and go after Harry Douglas or Robert Meachem

In the draft we would have an interesting position. There are possibly four QBs in this years draft that could be franchise QBs. If Griffin III, Luck, Jones, and Barkley all come out, I would expect three of them to go in the top 10. Depending on our draft position, we may have three of them still available, which would allow us to trade back a few spots and acquire another second or third round draft pick. If we pick up a number 1 WR in FA, I would like to see us take Morris Claiborne. Then in the second I would like to see us draft Mohammad Sanu. Then I would like to see us draft an OL and LB with our next two picks in order to add depth at those positions since it seems like we lack it. This will give us a solid CB core, WR core, and depth on the OL and LB corp, which would add youth in areas of importance. Although I am a homer, I would like to see us pick up Najee Goode out of WVU in the later rounds because he can play all three LB positions and is an intelligent player that can make open field tackles. He would add depth.

In total, these would be the acquisitions:

WR Bowe

WR Sanu

WR Douglas

DE Avril

CB Claiborne

An OT in the draft and an older OT with a couple years left

Another LB to add depth to this team

All in all, we need to continue to spend money on some big name players in order to entice a solid coach to come to Jacksonville. Our negative persona in the media needs to be fixed as soon as possible and getting a better coach would help solve that quickly.

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