Why 2012 could be special.

With the 2011 Jacksonville Jaguars season over it is time to look ahead.  Where will the Jaguars be at this time next year?

I am encouraged that this team will compete for the playoffs next year. At 3-8 you may think that I am crazy. This offseason the Jaguars have strengthened the D and it will most likely it will improve this offseason  the re-signings, veteran FA, and a few additions in the draft. It is a young D, and with a FA DE of Mario Williams, Cliff Avril, or Robert Mathis. It could become known as one of the top D's in the league. We know this, and have seen it this year.

Why am I encouraged? Because we still can run the ball. MJD, Greg Jones, and the O-line are still producing even with a passing offense that is as good as a kindergardener is at calculus. With Rashad Jennings coming back and a draft pick, VFA at the position I think we can expect that to continue next season.

I also am encouraged because we can't be worse at passing than we have been this year. The O-line had a bad game against Houston but all in it it is young and improving. I am hoping that Brittle Britton comes back and plays well next year. We might move Britton to LG and have Rackley take over at C when Meester hangs up the cleats.

If we finish 4-12 I think we draft Kalil and have him play RT. With the new CBA it would not be an outrageous salary and he may solve the hole that Guy that Whimpers creates from time to time. 

The skill positions need the most overhaul. Only MJD and Marcedes Lewis should feel safe. The rest are still young and have so chance to get better with a full offseason with Blaine. There are some players in FA and the draft that will improve the team. I am not sold on the "top tier" draft picks in Blackmon or Alshon Jeffrey. I think that we should go after Lloyd, Wayne, Jackson, Jackson, Colston, Bowe, Stevie Johnson, Meachem, Manningham, Douglas, or anybody because our WR's suck. I mean can give them credit that they are good enough to play in the NFL but J. Hill, Cecil Shorts, Chastin West, and Dillard are all worse than the players named as FA look ins. Thomas may not be better than any of the named players either. I think that the draft has many of 2nd-4th round WR options that would be great additions. Sanu, Toon, Wright, McNutt, ECT. I would go with a WR in both round 2 and 3. Still BAP but BAP with the idea of graded levels. If a WR is there at that level go with him. Don't just draft WR's if another player is significantly better.


To simplify. My offseason prediction if the Jags go 4 -12 and have pick # 3 in 2012 NFL draft.


1st. Kalil USC OT

2nd - Wright WR Baylor

3rd - Nick Toon WR Wisconsin

4th - Egnew, TE Mizzou

5th - Trumaine Johnson CB Montana

6th - Chris Rainey RB Florida 

7th - Trade


FA - TARGET and get 2 of the 4

Mario Williams

Brandon Lloyd

Reggie Wayne

and Finnegan.


Dwight Lowery

Jeremy Mincey

CJ Mosely

Matt Roth

Courtney Greene

Luke McCown

Josh Scobee

Release/Dont resign

Rashean Mathis

Aaron Kampman

Jason Hill



So the roster would look like

QB 2- Blaine, McClown

RB 3- Mojo, Rashad, Karim

FB- 2 Greg Jones, Owens. Bolen Cut for roster space

OL - 9

LT 2- Monroe Bradfeild

LG 2- Britton Rackley Spitz

C 1- Meester Rackley Spitz

LG 1- Naweri Rackley Spitz

RT 2- Kalil Whimper 

TE 3- Lewis, Egnew, Miller

WR 6-  Lloyd, Wright, Toon, Thomas, Shorts, Osgood



DE 3-  Williams, Lane, Chick

DT 3-Alualu, DA Smith, Douzable

Nose DT2- Knighton, Mosley

DE 2 - Mincey, Roth

LB 2- Smith - Boz

LB 2- Poz - Allen

LB 1- Session

CB 6 - Finnegan, Cox, Middleton, Coleman, Johnson, Rutland

SS 2- Landry, Greene

FS 2 - Lowery, Prosinski


ST - 3

K - Scoobee doobee

P - Powell

LS - Cain

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