The Search For A Head Coach

This post is meant to be a place to discuss the head coach opening, so that we don't clutter the Fanpost sidebar with everyone's personal head coaching idea.  In lieu of everyone making their own Fanpost, just put your ideas in the comments. 

Having done a little (very minimal) research, I have come up with the top 10 offensive and defensive coordinators in the NFL.  This is based SOLELY on their offense or defense's current overall rating. This is in no way an all inclusive list.  It's just meant to be food for thought.


  • Pete Carmichael, Jr. - New Orleans
  • Bill O'Brien - New England
  • Marty Mornhinweg - Philadelphia
  • Joe Philbin - Green Bay
  • Rob Chudzinski - Carolina
  • John Garrett - Dallas
  • Clarence Shelmon - San Diego
  • Rick Dennison - Houston
  • Scott Linehan - Detroit
  • Bruce Arians - Pittsburgh


  • Wade Phillips - Houston
  • Dick Lebeau - Pittsburgh
  • Chuck Pagano - Baltimore
  • Mel Tucker - Jacksonville
  • Mike Zimmer - Cincinnati
  • Dick Jauron - Cleveland
  • Vic Fangio - San Francisco
  • Mike Pettine - NY Jets
  • Brian VanGorder - Atlanta
  • Kris Kocurek - Detroit

Just a couple of thoughts here, then I'll let you get to commenting.  I don't trust Bill O'Brien, John Garrett, Clarence Shelmon, Chuck Pagano, Mike Pettine, Brian VanGorder, or Kris Kocurek as viable candidates for a head coaching position.  I think the head coaches they work for do their job, and their title exists because there has to be a coordinator title put on someone.  Dick Lebeau isn't going anywhere (unless it's Hawaii for his retirement), Wade Phillips is clearly just a defensive coordinator, Dick Jauron has already had his chance and failed, and Rob Chudzinski is doing it for the first time while getting creative with Cam Newton. 

All of that really whittles my list down to Carmichael, Mornhinweg, Philbin, Dennison, Linehan, Arians, Tucker, Zimmer, and Fangio. 

I have no idea which way Gene Smith will lean, if it's any of these listed, but I do think there are some college coaches and current NFL head coaches (who will probably be fired) that also deserve consideration.

Let the rampant speculation begin!!!

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