Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup


NFL.com news: Gabbert not to blame for struggles as Jaguars starting QB
The gamble of starting a rookie quarterback isn't always rewarding, as Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars are finding out. He very well could give the team's anemic offense the best chance to succeed but the diminishing results -- at least when it comes to Gabbert's production -- are leaving more questions than answers. "It's tough when you almost have to pitch a shutout to win," a league source said about Jacksonville's offense as a whole and not specifically Gabbert.


Jaguars' GM Gene Smith turned down contract extension | jacksonville.com
Jaguars general manager Gene Smith, whose future in Jacksonville has been the subject of intense speculation during the team’s 2-6 start, broke his silence on the issue Wednesday, admitting he declined a contract extension offer from owner Wayne Weaver this past offseason. Smith, in an exclusive interview with the Times-Union, said he turned it down because he felt uncomfortable adding years to his contract when Jaguars’ scouts and other employees were either not getting extensions or subjected to salary freezes.


No longer opponents' favorite "pass time" | Jaguars Blog
When the dust settled at the end of 2010, the Jaguars’ pass defense was clearly the element of the team that needed the most help.  The Jaguars gave up a league-high 7.5 yards per attempt and 4004 total passing yards.  One could argue the division-rival Texans actually had a worse pass defense, but suffice to say the Jaguars’ was terrible. This year, the pass defense has not only improved; it has been one of the league’s best.  Despite a still-middling pass rush, the Jaguars are tied for fifth in yards per attempt at 5.7.  With five new starters on defense compared to the end of 2010, it’s no surprise the pass defense has improved, but why has it improved so much?  The answer might surprise you.


A very good fit
Paul Posluszny has seen free agency go bad, and he’s seen it go good. He and anyone else who follows the NFL had seen situations in which free agents didn’t work. Posluszny, the Jaguars’ starting middle linebacker, knew the aftermath often wasn’t pretty. Major disappointment. Inconsistent results. Big-time dissatisfaction.


Jags add Robiskie, put Sims-Walker on IR - AFC South Blog - ESPN
List the NFL teams who lack weapons in the passing game and the Jacksonville Jaguars rank high. So do the Cleveland Browns. So while it’s good that Jacksonville made a move Wedneday to try to get better, by getting Brian Robiskie off waivers from Cleveland, it’s not dissimilar to their grabbing Mike Sims-Walker after he was cut loose by the St. Louis Rams. Guys who are not good enough to help Cleveland or St. Louis are unlikely to be of much help to Jacksonville, unless they are transformed by a change of scenery and coaching. 

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