Early Christmas List for New Owner

Welcome to Jacksonville our new mustachioed leader and family!

Many of us are ecstatic with the ownership change. Some are fearful as we have been conditioned by the national media to expect the other shoe to drop by way of losing the team. Quite a few are cautiously optimistic that finally Jacksonville is taking that next step that we thought was going to happen with Super Bowl 39. While we appreciate everything the Weavers have brought from a franchise aspect as well as the many many philanthropic acts, I think 18 years is a very symbolic amount of time to own a franchise. The team got stale a few years ago, interest spiked for a couple of years and it was stale once again, bordering on the fanbase becoming dangerously apathetic. We’re heading into our second generation of fans, a very savvy group of early professionals who badly want a professional franchise to embrace. That 10-15 year old kid who was eating the teal Now N Laters when we opened against the Oilers in 1995 is now a 28-33 year old professional with a family of his own.

Anyhow, I as one of those fans, have a few thoughts on things this team can do to capture that spark that has kind of disappeared around the time that Mark Brunell was sacked in the end zone for a safety and then Derrick Mason returned the free kick for a touchdown in the AFC Championship game in January 2000.

First order of business – Let’s get some flash in those jerseys. Teal is our color, but let’s incorporate some more gold in there! We need more identity. With every change to basic, fans got alarmed.

Other suggestions:

· A nice gesture off the bat would be to scratch a check to the local Duval County Schools to save those sports that are in danger of getting scrapped. That’s cab fare.

· Work with local civic leaders to establish a bar and restaurant area near the stadium complex. I believe it can be done

· Get that practice bubble that Weaver has been asking for. I see no reason that the road in front of the practice facility cannot be closed. To me it’s always been the "oh shit I made a wrong turn" road.

· Get the marketing folks to get the Jacksonville Jaguars Radio Network further west than Valdosta. FM stations if possible. One area where Weaver came up short was in assuming that there was a viable sustainable fan base in the 4 county area.

I’ve always said that for the Jaguars to be successful, we need to increase our scope and become the team of the South Atlantic Coast. New Orleans, for example, is the team for Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle. I see no reason why the Jaguars cannot go north to the Myrtle Beach and Charleston, west to Tallahassee/Valdosta, and south to the Space Coast and Orlando. There is so much potential (and money) in these areas for bus trips, weekend getaways for games and other things. Other cities do it. In Pensacola, they bus folks to the Superdome for weekend packages and day trips. 4 hours away, same distance as Charleston. Hell, bus some old farts in from the Villages. I recommend a Chiva Bus.



· A nice gesture would also be to offer the 30 for 30 on a limited time only deal for 30 days. For one, it gives fans confidence that the team will not go anywhere. Also, it’s easy justification to raise ticket prices without "giving away the store."

· Try to incorporate more local eateries, breweries, and other merchants into the game day experience. We seem to be at our best when it’s us against the world. I think people would really embrace local options in the stadium.

· See if Budweiser will let us change the name of the Bud Light Fan Zone to the King Cobra Snake Pit. No idea what the crossover would be with a jaguar and a snake, but I likes my King Cobra.



Wouldn't it be sweet to see venom spew from the fangs with every touchdown?

Running out of steam. Does anyone have anything else to add?

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