Jags HC opportunity least attractive

Our good friend Paul Kuharsky ( thought since there are now three HC positions available, he'd check how desirable the one the Jags have could be. Turns out the answer is, "Least."

And while additional vacancies may well take place before the start of the 2012 season, we can rest assured the Jags will maintain their firm grasp on the bottom rung of the supposed ladder to success.

Briefly, the Jags' bottom-feeder status is the result of two things:

1) Gene is a nice guy but can't possibly be as competent as the other two GMs (one of whom isn't even a GM at present).

2) Gabbert? pffft... 'Look at all the good players on the Chiefs and Dolphins, especially on their defenses."

Let's take these one at a time.

GM: The two others mentioned are Scott Pioli and Carl Peterson.

Pioli's incredible. League Exec of the Year a bunch of times. Super Bowls. Brady. He's been with the Chiefs since 2009 (coincidentally enough, the same year Gene became a GM). Since then, the Chiefs have gone 4-12, 10-6, and the 5-8 they are this year that led them to fire their head coach, a Pioli hire, Todd Haley. 19 wins since Pioli took over. Impresive. In that time, Gene's Jaguars have won only... lemme see... what... 19 games??? Hmm.

Carl Peterson (same as Pioli--exec, super bowls, great QB). Sounds like he was a really good GM. Began GM-ing in 1988. In 20 years, his teams won 176 games. In another incredible coincidence, Peterson was succeeded by Pioli. Oh, and Peterson's going to be the Dolphin's GM -- I guess.

And then there's nice guy Gene. Poor old Gene. Jaguar Gene. Wish he knew the names of the guys at big schools, so he wouldn't have to pick guys from Liberty or Rutgers or William & Henry. Wish he knew the names of famous free agents with some SWAGGER who might be able to help the team.

Team: Chiefs are ranked 15th overall on defense. Dolphins are 12th. Jags are only 4th. Wait. Isn't 4th better? Yes, but the guys on the Chiefs and Dolphins are probably tired. The Jags keep bringing in new guys on defense. So they aren't tired. Or bored. Or discouraged yet. Jaguars get all the breaks.

QB: Cassel, Moore, Gabbert. I don't watch Cassel or Moore. Maybe they're really good. Are they injured this year?

I just looked. Matt Moore's not injured. He has 10 TDs, 6 Ints, 1,864 yds and an 86.1 rating.

I guess Cassel's injured. He hasn't played since wk 10. But boy... in the nine games he played, he had, ummm, 10 TDs, 9 Ints, 1,713 yds and 76.6 rating.

In 12 games this year, Gabbert only has 10 TDs, already has 9 Ints and only 1,783 yds and a 65.3 rating.

So clearly, the Dolphins and Chiefs offer a much greater upside than the Jags do.

So my advice to any prospective head coach who wants to jump onto a great team with a great history and a great GM and great QB and attempt to resurrect those glory years and continue that winning tradition: Have at it. (Billick)

To the guy who wants to help establish a winning tradition and build the foundation of a franchise that will compare favorably to the best the NFL has to offer, do what MoJo says to do. Build it.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. Those teams have good running backs. We only have a 5-foot-7 guy named Maurice.

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