Shad Khan's Action Plan

Business 101 is that all successful businesses have a Mission Statement. I consider new owners Shad Khan's to be (based on his interview yesterday) "Whatever It Takes". Based on that, and taking him on his word and with this assumption that he is going to come in here and blow this thing up and spend $, here are the steps I believe he should take.

1. Name a Team President. It doesn't sound like Khan will be as involved with the day-to-day operations as much as Wayne was, so he must name someone he trusts (and currently outside the organization) to run his team.

2. Hire a new General Manager (from outside the organization). As much as it pains me to say this, as I have always been in the "In Gene We Trust" crowd, results speak for themselves. He is not drafting home runs in the Top 10, which is what he needs to be doing. I know the excuses and the limitations he has been given, but he has been here since Day 1. He is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

3. Head Coach needs to be offensive minded, but who we get depends on who is willing to come in here and work with Blaine Gabber (assuming Gene is still in place, he isn't going to draft a QB). If Shad comes in on Jan. 4 and Gene is gone, then Blaine is fair game, and I believe it expands your Head Coaching search, as you give the tools to your new GM and new HC to get "their" guy.

4. Free Agency obviously needs to focus on re-building the offense. A. Wide Recievers. Go after the Jacksons, Vincent and DeSean. Only WR i would keep are Thomas and Osgood. All the other ones are fair game in camp. B. Offensive Line: Meester is simpley too old, so we need a younger Center. Right Tackle needs to be addressed with Whimper (and Britton). I think Monroe is fine, Rackley has potential and Uche is solid enough. C. D-End. I honestly not even sure who the big FA DEs are, but go get someone who is relatively young and not injured, even if they aren't the big superstar. D. Cornerback. Rasheen is a big ? mark and Cox is injury pronge, so let's go out and get another younger FA CB.

5. Players to be released/not on final 53 next season: Kampman, Meester, Whimper, Dillard, West, G. Jones, Mathais. These are mainly starters who are older, or younger players who just haven't developed. Time to move on.

6. Trade Back in First Round. Blackmon will likely be gone, so trade back and get another pick in rounds 1-3, get us up to at least 4 total. BAP in WR, DE, CB and OL. More picks for a change, not less.

7. Serioulsy evaluate the Strength and Conditioning program and determine whether Luc Richardsson's program is what this organization should be following. Injuries are part of the game, but 27 (and probably more) is enough to take time to make consideration, rather than just brushing it off as being unlucky.

I am sure there is more to consider, but these are my initial thoughts.

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