Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Thoughts on a struggling Gabbert - AFC South Blog - ESPN

I believe Smith is married to Gabbert -- he has to be. He traded up to get him 10th overall. When a personnel evaluator does that with a quarterback, he doesn’t look good if he’s at a point where he’d declare it a mistake one season in. But it does put the organization in a tough spot while trying to hire a coach. If the quarterback is mandatory and good candidates don’t like him, they could quickly look elsewhere.

Shahid Khan says he'll be very involved in Jaguars' coach search | jacksonville.com

Jaguars new owner Shahid Khan outlined his vision Friday for the kind of person he wants to hire as the team’s next head coach. In his first media session in Jacksonville since he was approved in a unanimous vote of NFL owners Wednesday, Khan said of the Jaguars’ next coach:

Rout in Atlanta underscores the woes of Jaguars rookie QB Blaine Gabbert | jacksonville.com

The Jaguars got another example Thursday night in their 41-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons of why it is so difficult to judge rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert until next year, when they hope to get a better supporting cast around him.

Gabbert may be bad enough to make Jaguars draft another QB | ProFootballTalk

Blaine Gabbert is playing so badly right now that the Jaguars may consider something practically unheard of in the NFL: Taking Top 10 quarterbacks in back-to-back drafts.

Jaguars vs. Falcons Game Recap - Facepalm. | Jaguars Blog

If you didn’t watch and all you saw was the final score…yes, it was that bad. The Jaguars actually gave up 41 unanswered points to start the game and couldn’t have looked much worse doing it. In the first half, the offensive line was putrid; on the game they allowed a combined 11 pressures, one hit, and five sacks, and honestly it looked worse than that.

Long night in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. – Paul Posluszny put it simply, succinctly. Poslusnzy, the Jaguars’ middle linebacker, said so much went wrong so quickly, so definitely, so decidedly during the Jaguars’ 41-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome Thursday night that there was little need for many complex, long explanations. The Jaguars didn’t execute on offense. They didn’t execute on defense.What we learned

Breaking down the Jaguars' loss to the Atlanta Falcons What we learned from the Jaguars’ 41-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons Thursday. Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad, but here it is . . .

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