What could happen to the QB position in 2012

Since everyone is so quick to poo-poo the idea of adding competition at QB, I figured I'd break down the possibilities for the 2012 season. It'll be somewhat simplified, but I'll look at six possible storylines for next year. The way I see it, the Jaguars will either: 1) Add a starting quality veteran just in case 2) Add a rookie with a high pick or 3) do nothing.

In either of those cases there are basically only two ways that Blaine Gabbert's season plays out. Either A) he plays well, or B) he doesn't. Let's explore these possibilities in the form of the average fan's thoughts on next year's team.

OPTION 1A: Congratulations! Gene Smith was right and fans like that moron Brian Levenson were way off base for doubting Gabbert. Gabbert is showing promise and (insert name of veteran) is comfy on the bench. Maybe if we're lucky, the Redskins/Raiders/some other terrible team will need a QB and they'll make us an offer for (name of veteran) and give us a nice mid-round draft pick for him. Life is good.

OPTION 1B: Gabbert stunk it up in training camp. He still is inaccurate, he still can't move in the pocket. He's better than he was last year, but he still shouldn't be out on the field. It sure is a good thing we got (name of veteran). With our defense returning most of its starters, we're right back into the top 10 on defense. Yeah, the receivers still aren't great, but with MJD still running like a stud, (name of veteran) is competent enough to manage the game and help us ground and pound to a pretty good season. Now we know what Gabbert is and we can look for a guy for the future.

OPTION 2A: Wow! What was Gene Smith thinking adding (name of rookie QB)? This Gabbert guy is great! He's got the arm to make every throw you can think of and he beat off some tough competition from (name of rookie) to really earn the job. Grabbing (name of rookie) sparked a little bit of a QB controversy, though. I guess now that we don't need him, we can see if anyone's interested in adding a QB of the future to their team. I'd imagine that based on what (rookie) showed in cleanup duty, the team could get back their 1st round investment after the year. I mean, the Patriots got a 1st rounder for Matt Cassel of all people, and (rookie) has a much higher ceiling than Cassel who is average at best.

OPTION 2B: Down with Gabbert! Up with (name of rookie QB)! Gabbert had a whole 14 game "preseason" in 2011 to work on his game, and (name of rookie) beat Gabbert out for the starting spot in week 3. It was a very bold move by GM Gene to draft QBs back to back, but seriously, at least this guy isn't incompetent like Gabbert turned out to be. Sure it cost us two firsts and a second, but when you think about it, the Raiders almost paid two 1sts and a second for 31-year old Carson Palmer. For that price, I'd much rather have (rookie) since he's young and will only improve. Plus, Gabbert's still young, somebody will probably feel like they can give him a chance. Yeah, people are calling for his name when (rookie) struggles but you know what, we can always pick our guy when we get to the end of the year and move the other to a team in need.

OPTION 3A: I always had faith in Gabbert. He has such an incredible arm and all he needed was a little time to show the world what he was made of. Now, he's the golden-haired, golden boy face of the franchise and it has never been a better time to be a Jaguars fan. Gabbert, MJD, and Marcedes are having pro bowl type years, and our defense is living up to it's top-10 performance last year. Doubters like Mike Lombardi and Brian Levenson have both died of shame and are buried in unmarked graves in Sescatuan for ever doubting that "Sunshine" could put this team over the top.

OPTION 3B: I always knew Gabbert was a bum. He has such an incredible arm, but it's attached to a pair of jumpy feet and a head that's just not cut out for this job. Maybe Gene still thinks he's the golden-hared, golden boy face of the franchise, but he's not. There has never been a worse time to be a Jaguars fan. Our top-10 defense is wasted on an offense that is running MJD 350 more times straight into an early retirement. Justin Blackmon could be Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald and Atilla the Hun rolled into one and it wouldn't make a difference, because Gabbert just can't get him the ball. And the worst part is, we're stuck with the bum because our backup plan is Luke McCown. FML.

1A would allow us to still add a piece at WR in the first round, but 1B would leave us still needing to draft a QB in 2013.

2A would leave us with a bigtime trading chip and no first-round WR, but 2B gives us a better shot at getting a stud QB in place (power in numbers and all that).

3A would be great, but 3B would be catastrophic.

So what do you guys think? 1, 2, or 3?

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