Why I'm Beating You in Your Fantasy League

Well, since I opened my mouth in atgators post, I figured that I might as well attempt to back up my claims. So we'll look ahead to Sunday Night Football where the Saints are hosting the Lions and I'll attempt to pick out 3 players that a.) you don't have and should (at least for this week) & b.) the reason that I'm in first place and you're not.

Here we go.....

Let me really start this off by letting you guys know that the only guy on the Saints team that I would ever draft is the QB and I might pick up Mark Ingram, in later rounds at next years draft. Everytime you draft a WR on the Saint's roster, you're rolling the dice in your fantasy playoff future. The same goes with the running backs, when they're all healthy, it's freakin' plug and play video game down in 'The Big Easy'. Sean Peyton has murdered more playoff chances than JSO..... Eh.... You get the picture.

So I'm going with the obvious pick here for #1 - Mark Ingram (68% Owned). He may be third on the depth chart, behind PT Cruiser and Sproles, but the Saints are coming off a blowout win against the Giants, are playing a Detriot team that's had a media circus from the Suh incident and I expect them to give us another blowout. The Lions haven't been able to stomp out the run yet, and will have a harder time without thier main stomper. Ingram will pick up a ton of yards in garbage time after the game is out of hand he's fighting for a starting job for next year. 1315285623_medium 16-92-1 / 3-32-0

This one is a tad less obvious unless you read tea leaves as well as I. Detroit can't seem to catch a break this year at running back. Best is done with a concussion, MoMo is average at best so they go to the well and pull Kevin Smith off his couch who comes in and absolutely torches the Panthers and is on his way to breaking the Packers and then, OOps - turns an ankle. This puts MoMo back on track to get the start, but wait.... there is another..... Keiland Williams (3%). He's a second year, undrafted RB from LSU who played last year on Mike 'The Ratface' Shanahans RB juggling act. This year he's shown spurts, but just hasn't had the opportunity to shine - until this week. He's got solid hands out of the backfield and runs north and south, he just needs the rock.
24611_medium 14-52-1 / 7-64-1

My last prediction should be the second most obvious, the NO Defense. Gregg Williams showed against a decent Giants team that he still has it. 7 out of his first 11 games resulted in teams scoring at least 23 points per game and his D has only 11 take-aways (3 against the anemic Colts) for the season. This is not a Gregg Williams D (unless he's coaching in J'ville). He had the bye week to fix it and it showed up against NY. I would imagine he found his mistake and has a game plan laid out to finish the season. Expect him to blanket Johnson, harass Stafford and basically keep the game in front of him. He's going to focus on getting the ball back and hitting the QB through the whistle because even though he knows Drew Brees can almost put up points at will, the team would still like to play with a lead. Did anyone see Manning last week? He was totally rattled and everytime someone got near him, he went to the turf. I think they'll still give up some points, probably 10-14 in the last 10 minutes, but I'm still anticipating a defensive dominance.

Gregg-williamsjpg-c5f7b7ec4c37088e_large_medium24 PA - 4 Sacks - 2 Int - 1 FR - 1TD

Let the criticism commence in 3.... 2.... 1.....

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