Shad Khan is not going to hire a head coach who has taken his team to the Super Bowl

So let’s just end that discussion right now.

Here’s a look at the coaches who’ve gone to the Super Bowl since 1991. I won’t go back any further than that for reasons that are inherently obvious to even the most casual observer.

Super Bowl winning coaches since 1991: Parcells, Gibbs, Johnson, Seifert, Switzer, Holmgren, Shanahan, Vermeil, Billick, Belichick, Gruden, Cowher, Dungy, Coughlin, Tomlin, Payton and McCarthy.

Let’s start with the easiest ones: Belichick, Tomlin, Payton and McCarthy are currently coaching and aren’t going anywhere; and Coughlin isn’t coming back.

Parcells, Gibbs, Johnson, Seifert, Switzer and Vermeil are dinosaurs. I’m not even sure all of them are still alive.

Holmgren, Shanahan and Dungy are well past their “use by” date.

That leaves Billick, Gruden and Cowher.

Billick, as we all know and as he has spared no effort or oxygen to tell us, is just too darned good and probably way too expensive for Khan to pay him what he’s worth. Simply put, the Jags just don’t deserve him. Gruden is just too “Chucky” for my tastes.

So now we are down to one: Cowher. Not a fit for several reasons. Depending on whom you believe, he either has no interest in coaching (again or now) or he wants complete control (i.e., no one else as GM). But more telling and of much greater significance, is Khan’s inference that he’s not interested in something that worked five years ago. He’s not interested in someone who thinks he’s “the answer” coming here. And while I believe Cowher is a decent man, Khan has made it pretty clear he’s not seeking someone with anything close to something what could be called an ego.

Now let’s look at the losers, the coaches who took their teams to the Super Bowl and left without the Vince Lombardi Trophy: Levy, Ross, Reeves, Fisher, Fassel, Martz, Callahan, Fox, Reid, Smith, Whisenhunt, Caldwell.

Again, some of these guys might not still be alive. So, in the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, can we “Just Say No”? To all of them? Please?

Levy, Ross, Reeves, Fassel, Martz and Callahan: no, no, no, no, no and no.

Fisher (142-120 lifetime; that comes out to 7-6 on average if you do the math. Plus, I just plain don’t like the guy.), Fox (he’s staying at Denver at least through this coaching search. He does, however, get credit for getting Cam Newton for the Panthers.), Reid (He’s coaching the Dream Team. But I read he might get fired, so he could be available.), Smith (entrenched with the Bears), Whisenhunt (39-39 in five years with Arizona. Not a big drawing card.), Caldwell (highly unlikely, for at least 13 reasons at the moment).

So, bottom line: we aren’t hiring a coach who “has the ring” or one who left the Super Bowl without it. Unequivocally, without a doubt, no question, don’t even think about it. It is not going to happen. You can forget about that.

The above shows clearly, logically and without a doubt why the Jags’ next coach will not in any way, shape or form have Super Bowl head coaching experience.

But even more important than that is the culture of the Jaguars. Why should we settle for someone else’s Super Bowl coach? Why should we care what some guy did for some other team someplace else at some other time?

Wayne did things his way. Shad will, too. Let’s get our own coach.

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