Jags Pre Bowl Mock

As I have already done an OffSeason Plan, I will now focus on the draft part only. I have made some changes from the old one but some players remain the same.

1st-Morris Claiborne CB LSU- Morris is a very talented Corner with very good size at 6'0 185. When I watch Morris in the Alabama game he was very physical in man to man coverage and possessed very good ball skills showing when he erased a TD early in the game. Also, Claiborne shows very good Run stopping abilities but needs to practice on shedding the block. All in all, Rashean Mathis is growing older and with Claiborne and Cox playing Corner next year the Jags will be hard to pass on.

2nd-Dwight Jones WR UNC- Jones is a big, strong, quick wide reciever who can create very good separation. In playing Louisville the film I viewed Jones being very strong and when he caught the ball, and rarely ever dropped it. He had very good speed and when around 2 defenders somehow broke away for 6 points. He played with a very average QB, so he had to come back and fight for alot of balls which he suceeded in doing. WR is a very clear need for the Jags and Blaine Gabbert needs a go to man. I believe Jones would be a very good assest to this team.

3rd- Ryan Miller G/T Colorado- Miller is a very ahletic offensive Lineman. Many scouts have said that he can play either Tackle or Guard at the next level with his athleticism and power off the line. Also, he can set well in pass rush with speed rushers from the outside. Whichever position Britton doesn't play next season Miller will play, with Rackley training to be the next center(or Estes) for the Jags.

4th- Jake Bequette DE Arkansas- With the Jags having good DE play this season this need has been very relaxed but Bequette would still be a very nice fit for the Jags. As he is a very high charachter play with a high motor and very good run stopper. His senior season has been hampered by injuries so his stats aren't very impressive but he does have 5 sacks.

5th- Ryan Broyles WR OU- Broyles is one of the best recievers to ever play at Oklahoma and is only here due to his ACL Tear he suffered this season. Before the injury, tallied up 45 Touchdowns and 3,500 yards in his four year career with the Sooners. Broyles catches the ball well and is a great route runner. If he can recover from the injury, Broyles will be a great reciver in the pros almost like a Wes Welker. He would have great value and is not a risk here in the 5th.

6th- Sean Powell P FSU-With the early season problem of punting with Matt Turk the Jags cut him and got Nick Harris who has been very good for the remainder of the season. Powell though is the top punter coming out with almost a 50 yard average and he can do both rugby style and the orthodox style. He was named the MVP of Florida State by Jimbo Fisher numerous times this season and can flop a field with one kick.

7th-Lowery Trade


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