Why we should draft a new QB with our first pick!

1) RIGHT NOW GABBERT IS BAD: If Indy select Andrew Luck and we stick with Gabbert we will arguably be starting not only the worst QB in the league but the 7th or 8th best QB in the weakest division in the NFL. Think about it...Manning, Luck, Schaub, Hasselback, Locker, Yates...Leinart/Gabbert, Painter...Not good enough particularly because...

2) MOST OF OUR PREMIER PLAYERS ARE IN THEIR PRIME: MJD, Daryl Smith, Posluszny, PotRoast, Marcedes, Cox, are in their prime and we shouldn't waste that relying on only one young QB. GregJones, Landry, Lowery, Mathis are past their best but have a little left we can't waste this precious time. We're a QB and WRs away from a run.

3) WHY NOT A WR WITH THE FIRST PICK: I know people point their fingers at the WRs and the rest of our offense but QB is the prime position we can't afford to ignore. Also, I believe Blackmon and Ashlon have red flag character issues that may make them possible busts or blacklist them with Gene - though I think it's rare that great recievers come without mental baggage. We can pick up the likes of Sanu, McNutt, Nick Toon, Dwight Jones in the 2nd round.

4) TRADE VALUE: Gabbert may be our franchise QB of the future in the long run but I''d personally prefer a two QB battle with Barkley.The best gets the gig, the other develops. We're only paying Gabbert a bargain $12m for 4 years so he's trade bait. If they both work out you can trade them for full value in picks like Vick/Kolb, Tebow/Orton.

5) NEW REGIMES MEAN NEW QBS: New coach/OC will want a new QB. Assuming Luck is long gone, we're picking around 3-7, the candidates we should seriously be looking at are Matt Barkley - USC - 6'2 - 220 - Top 10 and Robert Griffin III - Missouri - 6'2 - 220 - Top 10 or Landry Jones - Oklahoma- 6'4 - 230 - Top 20.

5) BARKLEY IS BETTER THAN GABBERT RIGHT NOW: I've looked at Barkley and like him a lot. He's the anti-Gabbert: Smaller, less athletic, but pro-style offence and shows poise under pressure, he likes slants, steps up into the pocket, he's more experienced and hustles for plays. He's a higher ranked prospect more elite than Gabbert too and is much more pro-ready.

I'm not adverse to a CB or LT at the first pick but if we're picking 3th - 7th Barkley may be the BPA and the best player for our hopes next year what do you think?

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