The Curse of Timothy Richard


I know, I know. Another post about TRT. I'll try not to use his last name which, incidentally, has as many uses in the english language as the f-word and are commonly used in conjuction with one another; that's another topic for another day. This article will deal with the potential damaging of a franchise for years to come if Little Timmy's career has a hiccup.

April 2010. The Denver Broncos had a head coach by the name of Josh McDaniels that had absolute balls of solid brass. Balls that gave him the intestinal fortitude required to go against the grain of all of the pundits, all of the prognasticators and all of the draftniks, everything holy to the sport of football, to pick-up a certain QB from the University of Florida in the first round of the draft. A QB that has been one of the most polarizing figures in recent sports history whether for his skillset on the field or off. A seemingly too good to be true story of a young man who won 2 National Championships and the Heisman Trophy who apparently has zero character flaws and a looping throwing motion. This so-called Football Jesus was brought to Denver to save the franchise and quite possibly end up being the reason that they won't be relevant for a long time.

Fast Forward to 2011. Josh McD is no longer the coach. Pat Bowlen brought in the original Bronco Hero, John Elway, to run the organization. And Tim is 3rd on the depth chart behind Kyle 'Neck Beard' Orton and Brady 'Now I'm Done' Quinn. After an atrocious training camp, it seemed that Timmy might just be a 1st round afterthought on the Broncos roster, but the accolytes that follow him would not be denied. After a slow start by Orton and a timely bye week, Tebow was given the reigns at, God willing, a UF reunion party in Miami, FL against the lowly Dolphins. And after 55 minutes of absolute garbage football, the Miracle from Gainesville began and along with it the possible end of the franchise.

Since becoming the starting QB back in late October, it felt as though Tim was put in the starting spot to placate the increasingly louder fanbase that was calling for him to start. It seemed a harmless trial for the new staff to prove to the world that his loopy delivery, his propensity to run and his basic lack of any visible NFL QB-type skills would quiet the storm. And for 55 minutes on that balmy, Miami day, it seemed to be working, but then IT happened. Tebow Time.

Surely it was a fluke. We'll see next week, they said.

Denver was pummeled by a Detroit Lions team led by Matthew Stafford. In college, they played twice and were tied at 1-1, so some viewed this as FL-GA III, and without the help of Percy, Tebow and his army of Angels Broncos came crashing back down to earth.

We'll give him one more start and really twist the dagger.

The rest is living history. They haven't lost since, they've played their way into playoff contention and even the mighty Casey thinks this train is going to fly off the tracks.Crazy-train-81330-500-335_medium

Every win that T-Rich posts puts another wrinkle in the decisions that the Broncos will have to make this offseason. God forbid they make it to the playoffs (possibly beyond) because the sacrificial lamb that Elway put on display could very well be a lion in sheeps clothing. How do they approach free agency and the draft? Do they continue to mold an offense around a single player and build a team to run a read-option college game at the professional level? Do they draft a prototypical QB to fill in the blanks that Elway sees everytime he glances at the Colt's win column?

Oh yeah, the winless Colts. You can't tell me that everyone isn't acutely aware to what can happen to a team that is built around a single player instead of a team first philosophy. The unstoppable Colts are dead in the water without their triggerman and Elway can see the writing on the wall if he builds a team around The One and then He blows a knee. Who's going to run the Wing-T in his place?

These are the important questions that require important answers, and none of the scenarios seem pleasant with the fickle fan base that call themselves Jesus' Broncos. If you wonder why the man that has rings for both of the Broncos' Super Bowl wins on his fingers looks constipated every time The Humble One scores, it's because of these are questions that must be answered next spring and he doesn't have the right answer, there may not be one.


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