Andrew Luck

This is a hypothetical situation but as the season progresses I start to think that this is at least plausible even though unlikely.

In order for this situation to actually occur several things have to be in place

  • Indy doesn’t want to draft luck
  • St Louis really likes Blackmon

This is how I see the top four slated picks in this upcoming draft

Indianapolis-1-15, I see them pulling out a victory against a team like Tennessee or unfortunately us to avoid a winless season. The colts are bad but I don’t think they are added in the same category as the woeful lions.

St Louis-3-13 I have them losing every game until the last game against San Fran where I think Harbough would rest his players for the playoffs. If not I see st Louis ending the season 2-14

Jacksonville- 4-12 I don’t see us winning a game until the last week against Indy. Its very possible that we beat Tampa but for the sake of this situation I have them beating us.

Minnesota-4-12 this is where it gets interesting. Depending on how the season goes and who has the lowest strength of schedule(as of right now its on a one win difference putting jax higher) Minnesota could slide below Jacksonville. If that happens a whole realm of possibilities occur.

This is how it could go down

Indy-I’m sure most of you all have heard what Archie manning said earlier this week and that raises the question of whether luck is a lock at the #1. It all depends on what the colts organization want to do. If they want to blow everything thing up, send Peyton away and start over I see them drafting Luck. But I have a gut feeling Polian doesn’t do that. I feel that there is a strong chance that they draft somebody to protect the recently injured Mannings blindside and give an all time great another shot at a super bowl. That’s why I have the Colts drafting Kalil. He’s a good pass blocker and I think Polian drafts him to protect Peyton for one last hurrah


St Louis-this is the pick everything hinges on because if Indy doesn’t draft Luck a lot of teams will try to be jumping ahead of Jax to pick him. I could definitely see a trade with Cleveland(who has a boat load of picks) happening but on one condition. St Louis cant like Blackmon that much. Because if they trade down they essentially hand Jacksonville Blackmon (which I don’t think anyone would complain about). But with the lack of weapons that st louis has I feel they might stick with it and pick Blackmon so they have somebody to pair with Bradford.


Jacksonville-now what do we do? We have a once in 15 year quarterback prospect starring us in the face what do we do? I personally think with a new owner at the helm who loves football. A struggling team with little national media coverage, a huge question mark at QB going into next year I think we draft Luck. I don’t necessarily think Gene will want to but I think Khan will see the potential and essentially force gene to take him. And gene isn’t dumb enough to go against his new boss. This would forever change the franchise and be a bold move. But if it happened I wouldn’t mind it. You could even send blaine off for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.


Now this situation is a reach but it could happen with how weird this year has been for the jags and is kinda interesting to think about.

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