A look back at the Draft that killed us and the draft that could have keep us breathing

So I was looking for some info on something and came across a 7th mock draft from 2008 and I thought it proved a point that a lot of people choose to deny. 

Here is link to the entire Mock.



These are the Jaguars picks from that 2008 Mock.


Round 1 #24) Calais Campbell, DE, Miami                                                                                                                               He has been better than Harvey and they wouldn't have gave away the farm to get him.

Round 2 #58) Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami                                                                                                                            He hasn't been much more than a special teamer but Grooves wasn't much more than a special                                   teamer for us.

Round 3 #71) Eddie Royal, WR, Virgina Tech                                                                                                                         He has been pretty good.

Round 3 #89) Ahtyba Rubin, DT, Iowa State                                                                                                                    Honestly, Idk much about him. 82 tackles this year apparently, that seems odd for a DT.

Round 4 #125) Dennis Dixion, QB, Oregon                                                                                                                                 A young QB? That would have been nice to have.

Round 5 # 143) Simeon Castille, S, Alabama                                                                                                                      Been just a practice squad guy

Round 5 #158) D.J. Hall, WR, Alabama                                                                                                                             Another practice squad guy


Here is what they actual got in that 2008 Draft. I know its painful to look at but take a look at it anyway.

 Round 1 #8) Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida                                                                                                                                 We know what he has been.

Round 2 #52) Quentin Grooves, DE, Auburn                                                                                                                          He has looked ok with the Raiders.

Round 5 #155) Thomas Williams, LB, USC                                                                                                                            Cut!

Round 5 #159) Trae Willaims, CB                                                                                                                                          Cut!!

Round 7 #213) Chauncy Washington, RB, USC                                                                                                                   Cut!!!


This mock isn't amazingly better than the actual draft because you still had two or three busts but the difference is you got a couple starters and possibly a QB, which is much more than you can say about the backup DE from the actual draft.

Can you imagine how much better off the Team would be now if they had not thrown all their chips in on a player that was just ok. You could say that they didn't know he wouldn't be that good but I think everyone who knows anything said he wasn't worth the 8th pick at the time (including me) and was definitely not worth it at that price.

The moral of this story is just say no to need drafting. It puts you in the horrible position of depending on one or two players to turn your entire team around and destroys your future. Believe in BAP it will work with time.  



My first post chea!  Thanks for reading

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