Should the Jaguars enter the Kevin Kolb race?

JACKSONVILLE FL - SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterbacks Kevin Kolb #4 and Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles talk on the sidelines during a time-out against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on September 26 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. The Eagles defeated the Jaguars 28-3. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles have made it known their intentions on putting the franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick, leaving many to wonder what will ultimately happen with back up and former starter Kevin Kolb. Kolb has stated he'd like to be traded so he can start, as it doesn't look like that chance is going to come in Philly.

For one, Kolb wants to start, and has made it clear that if he can't start for the Eagles, he would like to be traded.  Obviously, any team that would pony up a high draft pick to acquire Kolb would want to sign him long term.  Since Kolb is only scheduled to make $1.392 million in 2011, he should also be eager to get a long term deal very soon.  There's no real obstacle there.

The folks at took an in depth, and I mean that literally, look at who could use Kevin Kolb and potentially what could be had for him using various examples of quarterback trades since 2006.

Sparing you some scrolling, here is what Bleeding Green had to say about the Jaguars as a potential candidate:

8)      Jaguars - I've always thought David Garrardis an underrated QB.  However, he turns 33 in February, and Jags owner Wayne Weaver has publicly criticized Garrardin the past. What should the Eagles get in return if a deal got done?  The Jags' 1 (16th overall).

Now, I do feel like Kevin Kolb is a legitimate option for the Jaguars, we know they like him. Jack Del Rio wanted him the year it was floated that he wanted Brady Quinn, when in reality he wanted Kevin Kolb and there were murmur's all before the draft they liked him a lot. There were also rumors that the Jaguars were interested in potentially trading for him last off-season, but the price was too high. To me, the 16th overall pick is too high for him still. While he offers upside, has some experience, and has been groomed under Andy Reid, he's still wildly unproven.

Vic Ketchman wrote in an Ask Vic previously he compared Kolb to the situation with another Michael Vick back up, Matt Schaub. The Houston Texans gave up two second round picks for Schaub and I'd be inclined to say it's been worth it for them. While they haven't made the playoffs or anything, aside from injury Schaub has been a high point of their football team. I'm not sure I would give up two second round picks for Kolb, but I would consider something like swapping first round picks with the Eagles and giving up the Jaguars second round pick.

Doing so would move the Jaguars down to 23rd overall from 16th overall. At the 23rd pick, the potential options for BAP and value are opened up. You can start looking at guards, centers, some of the other defensive lineman, linebackers, and even defensive backs. It also ups the potential to be a trade back suitor, as the teams in the top of the draft who are looking at the second-tier crop of young quarterbacks are going to want "dibs" on their guy. So there is greater potential to get back what's given up.

What say you?

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