at least he got the "douchebag" part right

How did I not see this until today?
I'd read a lot about how big an idiot stampedebleu is, but never had the interest to confirm that widespread opinion.
Until now.

But the last workday before Super Bowl Sunday leaves me with a wandering mind and a lack of focus on things related to how I earn my paycheck.

Let's focus on what a "smug, douchebag bloggers likes myself" (what does that mean, exactly? he's a smug, douchebag blogger who likes himself? other smug, douchebag bloggers like him? why is he using reflexive pronoun (myself) when the objective case (me) is obviously the correct form? why doesn't he use correct subject-verb compatibility?) actually has correct.

1. senior editor of Vic Ketchman leaving the Jacksonville Jaguars organization to take a job working for the Green Bay Packers.

2. Jaguars fans viewing Ketchman's departure with sadness

3. intense dislike for Peyton Manning

4. it is sad to see him go from the Jaguars organization, a place that he seemed to truly love and support as strongly as any Jags fan who watched games on Sunday
5. not because I think of myself as a better writer (I'm not),

6. I am allowed (and often encouraged!) to act like a buffoon (mission accomplished!)

Now the parts he got wrong: (edit note: that last word was changed. That's why I don't use twitter.)

Ketchman's insufferable homerism and intense dislike for Peyton Manning (I guess this last part is true) blinded him to any sense of objectivity when it came to analyzing football.

Vic's uninformed opinions

articles written by Vic that scream of utter stupidity

Vic seemed to dumb himself down to the level of any other deluded Jags fan.

his constant, unsupported, categorically-insane attacks directed at Peyton Manning … cost him any shred of credibility he might have had with me. (Don't tell Vic this; he's sad enough already.)

he was a paid cheerleader,

Despite his ridiculous opinions and his inability to truly understand the game of football, (will someone please forward stampiedbleu’s email to Vic, so’s he can learn something?)

His 'Ask Vic' column was often filled with idiotic rambling and mindless insults directed at the Colts and their players,

to me his writing is dog poop

writing brainless articles about how much of a 'choker' Peyton Manning is.

oh,  yeah... and the douchebag part.

In Vic's defense, he did say Manning is one of the better regular season quarterbacks he's aware of.

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