Starting QB Draft Positions

So the recent QB post about the upcoming draft has prompted me to do a little investigation.  I wanted to see where exactly NFL starting quarterbacks are generally drafted.  Just like with sports betting, I think it's very important that you look at the numbers and do the mathematical odds.  Someone made a point in the QB post that intrigued me.  They made a comment about the lack of talent in this year's pool.  After looking at the stats, I actually believe him.  Just because its one of the deeper QB pools in awhile, it by no means guarantees any starting talent.  Look at the stats and wrap up please:

Peyton Manning  IND           1st Round (1st Overall)
Eli Manning         NYG          1st Round (1st Overall)
Carson Palmer  CIN            1st Round (1st Overall)
Sam Bradford     STL            1st Round (1st Overall)
Micheal Vick        PHI             1st Round (1st Overall)
Alex Smith            SF              1st Round (1st Overall)
Matthew Stafford DET           1st Round (1st Overall)
Donovan McNabb WAS        1st Round (2nd Overall)
Matt Ryan              ATL            1st Round (3rd Overall)
Vince Young         TEN           1st Round (3rd Overall)
Philip Rivers         SD             1st Round (4th Overall)
Mark Sanchez       NYJ           1st Round (5th Overall)
Kerry Collins         TEN           1st Round (5th Overall)
Jay Cutler              CHI             1st Round (11th Overall)
Ben Roethlisberger PIT         1st Round (11th Overall)
Josh Freeman      TB              1st Round (17th Overall)
Joe Flacco            BAL             1st Round (18th Overall)
Aaron Rodgers     GB              1st Round (24th Overall)
Jason Campbell  OAK            1st Round (25th Overall)
Drew Brees           NWO          2nd Round (1st Overall)
Kevin Kolb              PHI             2nd Round (4th Overall)
Brett Favre              MIN            2nd Round (6th Overall)
Jimmy Clausen    CAR           2nd Round (16th Overall)
Chad Henne          MIA             2nd Round (26th Overall)
Matt Schaub           HOU          3rd Round  (27th Overall)
Kyle Orton              DEN           4th Round (5th Overall)
David Garrard        JAX            4th Round (10th Overall)
Tom Brady              NWE         6th Round (33rd Overall)
Matt Hasselback   SEA           6th Round (34th Overall)
Derek Anderson    ARI            6th Round (39th Overall)
Matt Cassel            KC             7th Round (16th Overall)
Ryan Fitzpatrick     BUF           7th Round (36th Overall)

      Alright Fellas, so what do we know by looking at this list of Quarterbacks? 

1.  There are currently 15 starting quarterbacks in the NFL who were drafted in the First Round, 11th overall pick or before.  We've got the 16th overall pick.  Of those remaining QB's drafted after 1st round, 11th overall, only 7 (debatable) of the remaining 17 qb's went on to have really good success. 
2.  The fact that there is no standout QB in this year's draft is another reason I question the talent pool.  There's no Manning brothers, Sam Bradford, or Matthew Stafford like Quarterbacks who stand out and could potentially go number 1 overall.
3.  There's currently 13 starting QB's who were drafted in the top 5 in their respective drafts

         I want to make something very clear to people.  By no means am I sitting here saying there's no point in drafting a qb.  I'm not saying that we couldn't potentially find our starting qb in this year's draft.  All I'm simply saying is look at the math.  Your odds of drafting a starting qb with the 16th overall pick, or even in later rounds is highly unlikely.  How many times do teams strike out with a late qb pick that turns out to be a great player.  The odds are not in our favor here guys.

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