Jaguars fan for a week: Arrowhead Pride's Annual Mock Draft


Hey BCC. Once again its the one week of year that I get to be a Jaguar fan. I am the official Jaguars representative in the Arrowhead Pride mock draft and I've come looking for some perspective and advise from the people who know this team best.


Last year, with your help, I went with DE Derrick Morgan, which wasn't a bad pick but because of the scenario your team was in it was very hard to pick a guy considering Gene Smith had to consider any of the top 50 guys in the draft regardless of what your pick spot was. After much mocking by the talking heads in sports media it looks like your "reach" is going to work out with Alualu being probably a top 10-15 player from last years draft.

Hopefully this year it's a bit easier because we have two picks to work with in the first two rounds. After doing as much research as an outsider can, I've got it narrowed down to a few areas of need/want.

DE- The opinion on this site seems to be all over the place on DE's. Seems to be alot of love for Jordan and Brooks Reed and mixed reviews on a guy like Kerirgan. Me personally I think Kerrigan would be a great fit opposite Kampman and with Knighton and Alualu pushing the middle. It would give you one of the best young dlines in the league. Kerrigan also has to flexibility to stand up in your 3-4 sets as he's shown in his workouts this offseason. I like Brooks Reed alot here as well but we run into that argument "is that too high for him?". Personally I think he's a stud and if we approach these mock draft picks thinking like Gene then that question doesn't matter. One thing I do know is Reed is loved at AP as well and he won't be there at our second round pick. Cameron Jordan is the third guy I picked out, more of a traditional 4-3 DE who again would be great opposite Kampman but lacks the versatility of Reed and Kerrigan but is probably a better true DE then both of those guys. One thing about this draft is that DE/OLB is probably the deepest talent pool. Yes there are studs in the first but there may be good value at this position in the second as well.

CB- CB seems to be a need(or DBs in general) but with where we're drafting I'm not sure it's the best value. As of right now in the AP draft Patrick Paterson just came off the board at #7. As far as blue chip DB go it's basically him and Amukamara and after that there's a huge drop off. Jimmy Smith has a first round grade but I don't think he's as good as he thinks he is. With other great players available at other positions of need Smith just doesn't offer the value you want from a #16 pick. That being said if Amukamara is on the board when we pick, I'm going to have a hard time not picking him.

WR- Won't dwell on this position too much. It is a position of need and would really bolster the offense and take some attention of MJD. I know alot of people are looking for someone that can throw the ball to WR first but we'll get to that. As far as the first round is concerned though there isn't much to look at beyong AJ Green(already off the board) and Julio Jones.

QB- Gabbert and Newton are gone and I know there's much love around here for Ponder. We run back into that question whether its too high to take him but we know the answer to that. I like Ponder enough and of the top end guys remaining he's probably the only one I'd consider. If I had to guess I'd bet that Ponder will be at our second round pick but it may not be worth the risk. This is a pick that I could easily see Gene making.

Other positions? I know S, and maybe some interior Oline need to be filled but the value there is in the second round.

I'd really appreciate any input and insight and opinions you can give. I consider this pick as much yours as it is mine and I'll come back to this post and update it with our picks as well as revisit where we're at when the second round begins. Thanks again BCC for your help and hospitality. Go Jags!

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