Mock Draft: 2 Rounds

I realized the mock I have up at MTD I neglected to put up here. Round 2 was a rush-job since I had no time but a chiefs fan really liked how my first round shaped up so he wanted to see what my round 2 would look like.


Things have changed IMO, so I might rework the first round in the near future.







Marcel Dareus DT

New coach brings in a dominant player to anchor his defense for the future. No QB in the draft warrants the first overall selection, and while Patrick Peterson probably makes more sense at the spot, Rivera looks to fix his d-line which is a bigger issue than the defensive backfield right now.



Nick Fairley DT

New coach brings in a dominant player to anchor his defense for the future. Bringing a 4-3 scheme to Denver, Dumervil likely moves to DE which helps out at that position. Fox therefore shores up the DT position in his defense and takes Fairley, who some may still consider the top DT in the draft.



Cam Newton QB

I want to believe that the Bills give Fitzpatrick more time, but they have been pretty vocal that they want a QB. Therefore the pick here is likely Gabbert or Newton; the question is which one? I think Buffalo goes for the guy who probably has more room to grow in the NFL and that is Cam Newton



Blaine Gabbert QB

The way I see it, Carson Palmer playing for the Bengals is almost definitely not going to happen, so Cincinnati needs to grab a QB that can play at the next level and contribute immediately; in other words, they need Blaine Gabbert, who gets passed over by Buffalo much to the delight of the Bengals' front office.



Von Miller OLB

"!%$@" goes the Cardinals as both QBs are off the board when they pick. Arizona takes the next best option, that being Von Miller who immediately helps out a LB group that some would classify as being quite weak



A.J. Green WR

The Browns almost have the offensive talent to play with the big boys. What is most lacking is a WR, and A.J. Green is precisely what they need. A.J. Green might literally be the next Fitz or Andre Johnson, and talent like that cannot be passed on.


San Francisco

Patrick Peterson CB

My brother being a 49er fan, I have a solid understanding of the state of the team. There really is only one position that makes sense here and that is DB, especially considering the fact that P2 is still available. It is hard to call the 7th pick the steal of the first round, but I still will do just that.



Da'Quan Bowers DE

I am sure Tennessee would love a QB to fall, but that does not happen, so they address DE, a position of need, and get a very talented player in Da'Quan Bowers.



Prince Amukamara CB

I have very little doubt Jerry Jones' team addresses that atrocious secondary. Amukamara is a real stud who might very well come close or surpass P2 in terms of contributing as the next level.



Robert Quinn DE/OLB

Washington had one player record more than 3 sacks last season, and that is unacceptable. Quinn being available at 10 allows the Redskins to really improve their defensive front.



Aldon Smith DE/OLB

Moving to the 3-4, I see Houston looking to get themselves a nice rush LB, something that Aldon Smith certainly looks to be.



Tyron Smith OT

The Vikings offensive line was far from great last year, and given a young QB leading this team, boosting protection for him is certainly a plus. Tyron Smith is a very solid player who should be able to transition to LT and allow McKinnie to move to the right side, which might be better suited for him at his age.



Jimmy Smith CB

Detroit is a team that seriously is moving in the right direction. One area of their team that really was quite awful last season was their CBs and so they come in and greatly upgrade the position with Smith, a guy whose talent is just pretty undeniable


St. Louis

Julio Jones WR

St. Louis now has someone for Bradford to throw to, and that certainly comes as a relief to the fans. Jones makes the most sense at this spot, and I doubt many people need much explanation on this one.



Mark Ingram RB

I have a feeling their might be some issues with this pick, but recently the Dolphins' RBs have underwhelmed me. Ingram really is a stud who should have great success at the next level.



Brooks Reed DE/OLB

As a Jaguar fan, I took a lot of time on this one, and went back and forth between Brooks Reed and Cameron Jordan. I have a feeling that the pick is one of the two guys, barring a trade down to likely select Christian Ponder. What my decision ultimately came down to is the fact that Reed has a lot of room to grow, and he really can very well develop into a top 2 or 3 4-3 DE. I have watched a lot of tape on this guy, and he just screams "elite at the next level" to me. Especially with Joe Cullen as D-line coach, I envision many years of a weak pass rush quickly coming to an end with this selection.


New England

Cam Jordan DE

Thank you Jacksonville for allowing Cam Jordan to fall. Jordan is an excellent prospect for the 3-4 defense, and New England is more than ecstatic to get him at 17


San Diego

JJ Watt DE

JJ Watt is a very talented player who projects very nicely into a 3-4 defense. San Diego should be very happy with a player of his caliber at this pick.


New York(NFC)

Anthony Costanzo OT

As a New Yorker, I know a lot more about the Giants than the ordinary Jaguar fan. One thing I can say with certainty is that the O-line is a place of need for the Giants, with more need on the outside than on this inside. Other than that, the Giants are pretty solid at just about all other positions. Therefore, they go with the best OT prospect available, with that being Costanzo, in my opinion.


Tampa Bay

Ryan Kerrigan DE

Tampa Bay is looking for defensive upgrades, with a pass rushing DE being their top priority, in all likelihood. Kerrigan certainly is just that, and Tampa will be thrilled to get a player of his caliber at this stage in the first round.


Kansas City

Phil Taylor NT

The NT is incredibly vital to any good 3-4 defense; Kansas City happens to be lacking one. Having gone up against Baltimore and Haloti Ngata in the playoffs further emphasized that point to Scott Pioli, and I find it hard to believe that he passes on Taylor, who is one gigantic mass of NT talent



Nate Solder OT

It always seems to be that the Colts need an offensive lineman, and once again that is the case. They go and try to improve with the best remaining OT prospect on the board, that being Nate Solder.



Gabe Carimi OT

Philadelphia also is a team that can use an upgrade on their offensive line, and Carimi, while lower ranked than Sherrod in my book, appears to me to be a better fit in Philadelphia.


New Orleans

Adrian Clayborn DE

The need is certainly there, and value certainly fits the pick. Clayborn is (supposedly) a very talented player who should be able to contribute at the professional level.



Jake Locker QB

Seattle needs a young QB, and that is undeniable. Locker has all the tools, but could benefit from time learning behind a veteran, such as Matt Hasselbeck. That is specifically why I think Seattle is the team to decide to select Locker.



Justin Houston OLB

While the Ravens can afford to bring in a CB, Houston just seems to make a lot more sense given the value at the pick. People compare him to Terrell Suggs, and so it would come as no surprise that Baltimore selects him.



Derek Sherrod OT

I am sure Atlanta would love to pick a DE, but I do not see value matching the selection for any of the Des. Therefore, I could very easily see Atlanta going out and drafting a player that could help out the offensive line. From what I gather about this team's situation, OT makes more sense than OG, and so Derek Sherrod would be the pick over Mike Pouncey.


New England

Akeem Ayers LB

Ayers has fallen recently, but frankly I think is it undeserving. This guy has loads of talent, and Belichick is certainly not going to pass on him if he is available at the pick.



Mike Pouncey OG

Worst offensive line in the NFL?!!! Prospect with similar talent to his brother who was a Pro-Bowl OL in his rookie season?!! Match made in heaven if you ask me.


New York(AFC)

Muhamad Wilkerson DE/DT

I see week in and week out this Jets team, and you need not be a rocket scientist to realize that this team is not far from being elite. Rex has got to be thrilled that such a talented player managed to fall to pick #30.



Brandon Harris CB

Trade up with Chicago to team up the Pouncey boys would be interesting, but that is not going to happen. The Steelers are pretty solid all around, but one area that I think they can really afford to improve in is their secondary (CBs in particular). I see Brandon Harris as a CB who can come in and really solidify the CB spot immediately.


Green Bay

Torrey Smith WR

I can honestly say that this pick should be a lot easier than some would think, given that their current roster managed to win a Super Bowl. One area I think they could improve is their aging offensive line, but I see no one worth the 32 pick available. Therefore, I envision Green Bay looking to address the WR position, since value is there and Donald Driver is getting up there in age. Smith is a very talented WR who should be able to come in and really solidify the WR position in Green Bay for the foreseeable future.






New England

Mikel Leshoure RB

I do not think it is that far-fetched to believe that New England looks to upgrade their RB position. Leshoure is a very good player who should step in and solidify what is perhaps the only "weakness" in that potent offense.



Kyle Rudolph TE

Buffalo has their QB of the future, and also have decent WRs, but the TE position is quite weak. Therefore, they go out and grab a first round caliber TE who represents a major boost to the position, in a similar way Brandon Pettigrew helped out in Detroit



Cameron Heyward DE/DT

Cincinnati needs to improve just about everywhere on their defense, so what better place to start than the defensive line? Heyward has got enormous potential, despite being quite raw.



Rahim Moore FS

While I do believe Denver might look to help out their running game, defense once again makes more sense for a team that has a defense that really needs a lot of fixing. Rahim Moore represents a major upgrade in the secondary, which paired with the strengthening of the line means only good things for the future of that defense.



Christian Ballard DE/DT

Cleveland really needs help on defense, and Ballard should be a great player in a 3-4 or 4-3.



Christian Ponder QB

The dude has shown he has a lot of talent, and Arizona is literally submitting this pick a second after they get on the clock. Arizona needs a QB, and an enormously talented QB manages to fall to them in the second round. The pick just makes sense!!!



Ryan Mallett QB

Back to back QBs for the second straight round. Tennessee needs a QB and Mallett needs a home. Mallett looks like eh should be able to succeed at the NFL, but the various issues surrounding him make him fall into the second round, which I believe is actually a more appropriate place for him given his talent.



Ben Ilajana OT

Other than their secondary, the overwhelming impression this team gave me was their ineffectiveness at opening up holes for their running game. Also, Alex Barron having had anything to do with that O-line at some point in the season reinforces that impression. Ilajana is a very talented player who should contribute immediately.



Aaron Williams CB

Washington needs a CB and Aaron Williams happens to fall to them. Dan Snyder is exuberant and snatches Williams up without second thoughts. Be it CB or safety, Williams should be able to contribute to a secondary that leaves much to be desired.



Davon House CB

Do I really need to justify Houston looking to improve their CBs?!!!



Stephen Paea DT

One might think Minnesota looks for a QB, but I have a nagging suspicion that they stick it out at least a full year without the Favre drama and see exactly what they have already at the position. Having selected an OT, I think they now look at upgrading the defense. Paea, besides being a workout freak, happens to have some real talent. The Williams contingency at DT is not getting any younger, so bringing in Paea at this stage of the game makes a ton of sense.



Martez Wilson ILB

Detroit might have to blink a few times before turning in their selection. Wilson, purely based on talent, should have certainly been taken already, but he fell much to the delight of the Lions.


San Francisco

Jon Baldwin, WR

Coach Harbaugh might really want to bring in a QB, even if he won't admit it, but I just don't see it happening this early. However, I can very easily see the Niners looking to bring in more weapons for whoever is playing QB, and that is why I think Baldwin makes sense. Crabtree, Baldwin, and Vernon Davis will immediately help whoever is taking the snaps, whether it is Troy or Alex Smith, or someone else.



Stephen Wisniewski OG/C

Denver addresses that need for O-line help and select Wisniewski, a guy who can help open holes for the running game, which in turn should be pretty helpful for the passing attack as well.


St. Louis

Marcus Cannon OG

The Rams can use help at OG, and Cannon matches value with need at the pick



Ras-I Dowling CB

I honestly believe Al will find his way into the first round and trade this pick in the process, but assuming he does not, Davis looks to make a splash right here. Asmougha (and likely Routt in my opinion) will be gone, and so despite there not being value, I could envision a CB coming off the board, and based on workouts, it appears to me that the "sexiest" pick is Dowling.



Leonard Hankerson WR

Lots of good players available for Gene to select, among them Hankerson, Dalton, and Kaepernick. The need at both WR and QB is there, but the greatest value out of this pick lies in Leonard Hankerson. Ideally Ponder is falling to this spot, as he represents incredible value at a position of incredible need, but I did not allow that to bias my earlier selections, so the Jags settle for a major talent at the WR position.[I CAN VERY WELL SEE KAEPERNICK ENDING UP AS THE PICK, BUT RIGHT NOW BASED ON MY UNDERSTANDING, HIS VALUE IS A FEW PICKS LOWER THAN 49]


San Diego

Quinton Carter S

I don't see Weddle coming back to San Diego, so San Diego really needs to find an adequate replacement. Quinton Carter is the best remaining S, and while he is no Eric Weddle, he certainly turn out to be very good.(I know they have Bob sanders, but come on, they cannot seriously rely on him to play more than like 5 games)


Tampa Bay

Bruce Carter OLB

This pick came down to LB or RB in my opinion. The more I thought about it, the more resolute I became in feeling like Tampa is just fine with Blount as their RB, so they go LB and select the best available player at the position, that being Bruce Carter.


New York(NFC)

Ryan Williams RB

Another team I could see going RB, but in this case they do. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw had too many issues with holding on to the ball, and Tom Coughlin is not ready to have another season of that. Therefore, he looks to bring in a talented guy who can come in and compete for the starting RB position.



Tyler Sash SS

It is about time that Indianapolis had a SS who can stay on the field and contribute. Sash is likely just that.



Curtis Brown CB

The eagles could afford to bolster the CB position, and do so with a very talented player from Texas.


Kansas City

Sam Acho OLB/DE

After apparently doing such a nice job with their first round pick I have a lot of pressure to get this one right. Having addressed the NT position, I believe that Kansas City goes in one of two directions on this pick; they either look to get someone to complement Hali, or look to help out their offensive line. I think the available talent makes upgrading their offensive line at this point a poor choice, so they go ahead and select Sam Acho, a guy who frankly I think should be ranked higher by more people.


New Orleans

Marvin Austin DT

Other than Sedrick Ellis, the Saints' DT group has a bleak future. Austin has the talent of a first rounder, but his suspension this past year allows him to drop, and the Saints swipe him up.



Allen Bailey DE/DT

Seattle could afford an upgrade on their defensive line and Allen Bailey is a solid prospect who should be able to emerge as a solid contributor in the future.



Joseph Barksdale OT

From what I have seen, people think that the Ravens need a WR of some sort. While that may be so, I do not think they need to address it in the early rounds, and so I think they look at building up their depth on the offensive line, and Barksdale makes a lot of sense at this pick



Jabaal Sheard DE

John Abraham is getting up there in years, and so the Falcons need to find someone who can eventually replace him. Sheard is an enormous talent who is going to fall due to some concerns about him such as a past arrest.


New England

Randall Cobb WR/KR

Wide receiver seems to be the best position to address at the pick. There are a number of quality WRs that would fit this pick, but seeing how valuable a Dexter McCluster is in KC, New England tries to get their own in Cobb


San Diego

Titus Young WR

Phillip Rivers can really afford to get better wide receivers to throw to, so it seems logical to pick a nice deep threat wide receiver, hence Titus Young



Jerrel Jernigan WR

I would like to think they continue overhauling their O-line, but that likely will not happen. Wide receiver is also a position of need, and Jernigan is a very talented one, so the pick seems very logical to me.



Rodney Hudson OG

The Steelers still need to improve their O-line and Hudson is a very talented guard.


Green Bay

Daniel Thomas RB

While it could be that I am being nit-picky, but I think Green Bay could very well classify as a team with a need at RB. Daniel Thomas is an interesting player who can emerge in the future as a very good RB.

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