Drafttek Re-Mock 2.0

Not too long ago I did a re-mock of the Drafttek Mock draft website. I like to use this particular one because it's the only 7 round Mock that makes much sense or has some credibility that I can find (though some of their choices are a little low - Ponder, Rahim Moore, Pouncey, etc.). Just for fun I decided to do it again with a possible "what if" trade scenario. Sure we can't predict if there will be a trade or who it would be, but I tried to find one that would make sense and work with a team that likes to trade around. The most important thing is that we assume that the team we would be trading with will get the larger benefit, so I used this value chart to determine the value of the trade.

The trade I decided to go with was with the Patriots, trading our 1st and 7th round picks for their pick numbers 33, 74 and 92. The points we would be offering is over 1000, while we would only be receiving 932.

The last important thing to remember is that this is a "crystal ball" mock since I knew who was coming when. I tried not to over abuse the crystal ball (for example taking Ponder with the second round pick because there's no way it could be expected that he'd slide as far as drafttek has him). Again, I encourage anyone bored or interested enough to play along to submit their choices, criticize mine, or simply offer another "what if" trade scenario with choices.

It's a great way to pass the time until the draft and get to know some guys you might not have known before...especially for guys like me who don't follow much college.

OLB   2, 33 - Akeem Ayers

                               A fast, pass rushing LB we can use to blitz and let Daryl Smith do his thing.

QB     2, 49 - Christian Ponder

                               As with before, I doubt anyone will argue this pick at this spot.

OLB   3, 74 - Bruce Carter

                               Another speedy linebacker with good instincts and the ability to play coverage

ILB     3, 80 - Greg Jones

                               Will battle with Irving for a starting MLB spot. A steal at 80.

ILB     3, 92 - Nate Irving

                               Great value here, too. Sets up a good competition and depth for MLB. 

WR    4, 113 - Edmund Gates/Terrence Tolliver/Greg Salas

                               We need a WR. It's a need pick. Hate me for it.

FS      4, 120 - Jaiquawn Jarrett

                               After we sign someone in free agency, Jarrett could have an instant effect on SPT and time to develop into a solid safety.

DE     5, 144 - Greg Romerus

                               It's doubtful that he'll be the next pass rush specialist we're looking for, but he's got a solid depth quality that would allow us to part ways with the expensive Derrick Harvey.

RB     6, 177 - Darren Evans

                              Is running back a need? As long as it keeps Alvin Pearman and etc. off our depth chart in the event MJD continues to have knee problems.


As you can see I overhauled the LB position, which is what I think we need and what I see Gene doing. It seems Gene likes to pick in groups which I like because it provides a young competition and covers our behinds in case of a miss. Will these particular selections/trade happen? Probably not, but it could and I'd be fine with it.

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