If one is to look up DEVELOP in the dictionary, one will find various definitions, so for the purpose of this post I'll stick with the ones that apply.

1 -  to create or produce especially by deliberate effort over time

2 -  to make active or promote the growth of

3 -  to make available or usable

4 -  to cause to unfold gradually

5 -  to expand by a process of growth

6 -  to go through a process of natural growth, differentiation, or evolution by successive changes

I think these will do. 

Now that we understand what DEVELOP means, it might be easier to understand what Gene Smith means about a DEVELOPmental QB.  From reading a lot of the comments here I get the feeling that most fans expect Gene to draft a QB in round one, which contradicts the meaning of DEVELOPmental QB. 

Normally, players that are drafterd in the first round are supposed/expected to make an immediate impact which by the definition of DEVELOP is the very opposite of what Gene has said he is looking for.  A QB that is drafted in round one, should be expected to start right away and become the face of that franchise as soon as he's drafted a la Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Sam Bradford, Phillip Rivers.  Of course that are the exceptions such as Aaron Rodgers, which I'm positive would have been just fine had he started right away for any other team. 

My point is that a DEVELOPmental QB is not picked in the first round, he's picked in the later rounds, maybe the second, like Chad Henne, John Beck, Kevin Cobb and etc.  They are picked in the later rounds and groomed behind the team's starting QB who normally is more towards the end of his career than his prime but still gives that team the best chance to win.  A DEVELOPmental QB is drafted with the future in mind.  He is drafted to be groomed to take over when the time comes.  Now this DEVELOPmental QB may never DEVELOP into a starter which happens more often than the opposite but we all know the odds of finding an elite QB outside the top 10 is slim to none.

I'm not sure what is going to happen, I'm not an expert, I'm not a scout, I just read and try to make rational conclusions.  I know Gene is a BAP GM, so if a QB is there and that QB is BAP at 16, great, I'm not going to pout, he's the expert, not me, but I think that if a Ryan Kerrigan, a Cameron Jordan, an Aldon Smith which are players that can contribute now, is there at 16 and there is no chance of trading down, those players would present a better value than a QB that is going to sit behind our starting QB.  With that said, if a QB is drafted with our first round pick, I would hope that we can get a pass rusher, or a linebacker, or a corner, or a safety, or a interior offensive lineman or a draft pick in a trade for David Garrard whenever player trades are allowed again.  I would see no point in drafting a QB at 16 if he's not to be our starter whenever the season begins.

In my humble opinion, when I read DEVELOPmental QB I read "Ricky Stanzi in the 3rd" or "Pat Devlin in the 5th".  I will stick to my guns and say that this is what's going to happen, which is gonna infuriate a lot of Jaguar fans, but from what Gene has said, it's what makes sense, at least in my ,again, humble opinion.  I guess we will all find out in about 8 days.


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