What would GM Brian do?

Alfie posed the question of "What would be your philosophy as a GM today?"

I like the question, and I decided to do a little write-up with my answers. I already posted this under Alfie's topic, but I figure I might get more commentary/ more people would actually read it if I made this a FanPost and not just a response.

So, here it is:


1. BAP/ Base-hit would be the general draft philosophy early. It’s too easy to guess wrong on a player with a lot of potential. The goal should be to add quality players, with D-line, OT, QB and CB being overall rated higher due to their premium position status.

2. Skill players are for the late rounds and UDFA. Backs and receivers are the least important players on the field. As long as they don’t suck, they’re good enough. Why do I say this? Rashad Jennings, Mike Thomas, Zach Miller. Nuff said.

3. The late rounds are also for risk taking. Who knows? Maybe that small school guy, or a non-combine player with crazy physical skills is worth a 5th-7th round pick. When all you’re gambling with is a low rounder, missing isn’t a big deal. Shoot for the fences every time.

4. Defense, Defense, Defense! One great player (especially at QB) can make an offense work. You need 11 quality players on the defensive side of the ball to hold up. Seriously, I would draft about 60/40 for defense as a GM and sign linemen and offensive skill players off the scrap heap to make up for the imbalance. Also, I’d try to take a DE at least 3 out of every 4 years. It’s the 2nd most important position on the field behind QB. Also, worst comes to worst, you release a talented player at a premium position and get a compensatory pick.

5. NO RUNNING QBs!!! I cannot stress that enough. They almost never work out, and a QBs job is first to throw the ball. Running takes the focus off reading the field and throwing on the move can easily lead to trouble. More than 400 rushing yards per season for a college QB, and I’m just flat out not interested.

6. Pick a coach and stick with him. I think Weaver has this one right. A losing record is not a big deal for a coach, what matters is if he can put together a coherent and effective coaching style. Switching out HC’s does nothing, and continuity adds a lot.

7. Character Matters in draftees. A criminal record, an ego, and laziness can turn even the best player into a bum. The odds of a player succeeding with any of those characteristics is instantly lowered in my eyes. The goal is to keep great players, so even drafting someone like TO is a negative, because he’s not gonna stick with your team.

8. Not good measurables or good game tape, BOTH. Production is very important, but not so important that I would draft a 6’1" guard or something like that. Prototypical size/speed with at least good production = GM Brian pick. Small school is fine. "Elite" should not be your overall drafting goal. The players I want are the players who can competently do their job.

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