Sacks, QB skin color, and why the St. John's river flows north

This will be very scatterbrained. Just to warn you.


So Blaine Gabbert! Most things have already been said but I'm happy that Vic Ketchman and obviously Smith, Del Rio, and Mcdonough (and reportedly the Patriots, whose draft board might have been leaked???) think that we got the best QB in the draft.

There's been a lot of talk about Andrew Luck next year who is supposed to be a "once in a lifetime" qb. Well, Gabbert might not be that, but we might never ask him to be that. If we continue to use a strong running game and a tough, physical defense, he could be our Mark Brunell. Not that I'd mind if Gabbert simply becomes A-FREAKIN-MAZING.

What on earth were the Falcons thinking? Julio Jones better be the next Jerry Rice because this is a deep draft for defense, Atlanta already has wide receivers, needs defensive players, and sent a huge boatload of picks to the Cleveland Browns just so they could distract people from Roddy White's inevitable double teams. Geez. If it works, they're geniuses. If it fails, they're idiots. Was it this year's Tebow trade? Maybe...

No pick in the second round. Alright, the pressure is on Gene to start nailing the late round draft picks because frankly, moving up would be quite costly to us. I honestly have no idea what kind of positions we'll get from here on out but my guesses are: LB, DB, and WR. I really can't get more specific than that without making an unfounded claim.

So Blaine Gabbert is the first white quarterback we've ever drafted, if I'm not mistaken. I recall when we were the first NFL team to ever have 3 African-American quarterbacks on our roster in Garrard, Leftwich, and Quinn Gray.

I guess the lockout's back on. Hope Sunshine was handed a playbook before that news broke. And Garrard's cell.

Last year, we had less picks than we have now (comparing pick value, I think the number is the same because we had a seventh) and came away with a good draft class (as far as we can tell). I really hope the rest of our selections have more of an immediate impact. Either way, it's exciting to me that the '10 draft class is going to be so much more impactful this year than last. Remember the difference seen in the '09 class? I'm thinking Mike Thomas and Terrence Knighton mostly. Pretty sweet.

Part of me wonders about Garrard trade talk but not really. I really think BG will thrive as a student of the NFL before becoming a leader. When's DG's contract up? It will not be renewed. There. That's my bold statement.

So much for Undrafted Free Agents. Come on. That hurts more than pro free agency.

Our sack total last year was kind of inflated. We got some of them in bunches against bad o-lines or qbs like Denver and Cleveland.

I hope we get a crazy good steal in the 3rd round. Robert Sands. Greg Jones. Somethin like that.

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