What Position is Most Important?

ORCHARD PARK, NY - OCTOBER 10: Eben Britton #73 of the Jacksonville Jaguars prepares to block Chris Kelsay #90 of the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)


There are many positions in the NFL. It's one of the things that sets it apart from most other sports. The shear number of available roster spots would be staggering in most other sports. Today, I'm tackling a very subjective topic. I, in my vain attempt to convey knowledge and understanding, will be trying to rank NFL positions from most important to least important. This could be fun.


For dramatic affect, I'll start with the least important, and I'll work down to the most important. Here we go:

Fullback - Many of you will have a problem with calling the fullback the least important position. In the Jaguar's system, this is blasphemous, but when you look at the NFL as a whole, they aren't used much anymore. The trendy teams don't hardly use fullbacks at all anymore, and this is a dying breed in the NFL.

Wide Receiver - Now you can really lay it on me. There are those receivers that change the game (Jerry Rice), but by and large, they're a dime a dozen. The Colts showed us this in 2010.

Middle Linebacker - I get the feeling this will be an unpopular list. I put MLB here because they don't have as much territory to cover as their OLB counterparts. They really have to tackle well and cover some.

Punter - There's something to be said about a guy that can burry your opponent inside their own 10 yard line on a consistant basis.

Tight End - The reason I rated tight ends higher than wide receivers is because the good ones add multiple dimensions to your offense. Marcedes Lewis, for example is a great blocker and arguably the Jaguars' best receiver as well.

Defensive Tackle - I want a big man that can hold the point of attack. He needs to tackle well and stuff the run. The position isn't the most demanding, but not many people are built for such a role.

Kicker - Kickers get all the glory if they deliver in big situations. Josh Scobee from 59 yards anyone?

Halfback - Again,many boos from the Jaguars fans, but it is very possible to be successful in today's NFL without a running game.

Guard - Now we're getting into the very valuable positions. Guards have to be quick, but they don't have to make the calls the center does, and they don't have to block the premier pass rushers the way tackles do.

Strong Safety - This is a misleading term. In today's game, they're becoming closer and closer to free safeties.

Free Safety - These guys have to have the defense's backs at all times, and the lack of good safeties results in something that we're all familiar to...

Outside Linebacker - In a 3-4 system, these guys have to be able to support the run defense, rush the passer, and cover underneath routes. They rank high in my books.

Center - These guys have to be able to recognize defenses and often are in charge of calling out blocking assignments. They're essential if you want to keep your quarterback alive.

Defensive End - Rule number 1: Thou shalt rush the passer. That's what these guys do best. Any good defense needs them to be successful.

Offensive Tackle - Rule number 2: Thou shalt protect the passer. If Justin Tuck is lined up on the other side, I want two all pros covering my ass.

Cornerback - A defense can greatly benefit from guys that can shut down an opposing player one on one. It frees up the defense to focus on other players.

Quarterback - If you've got a great one, you could be set for a long time. The Colts don't dazzle me with their defense, but Manning keeps their offense revved up. Without him, they would be lucky to finish 3rd in the division.

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