Top 10 Running Backs

CLEVELAND - AUGUST 21: Peyton Hillis #40 of the Cleveland Browns runs the ball through the St. Louis Rams defense at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 21 2010 in Cleveland Ohio. (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

This is the off-season, and as you know, that means news is at a premium and so are ideas for good articles. For the rest of the week, I'm going to compile a few relevant lists that Jaguars players will be making appearances on. For example, we all know that Maurice Jones-Drew will be on this list of the top 10 running backs in the league. These lists will be short, sweet, and hopefully a lot of fun.

We'll do the descending order thing for dramatic affect.

10) Darren McFadden - This guy has quietly been carving out a lot of yardage in Oakland. He seems to be one of their few recent draft successes.

9) Ray Rice - Rice reminds me a lot of MJD. He's quick, short, and he's not afraid to hit a defender. I'm looking for him to continue to get better for the Ravens.

8) Peyton Hillis - This guy is a mean runner. He'll have his picture on the upcoming Madden game, and he's such a nice guy off the field.

7) Steven Jackson - He's been one of the few good players on the Rams for a long, long time.

6) Rashard Mendenhall - Okay, he coughed up the football in the Super Bowl. So what? While that is a big deal, Mendenhall has developed into a bruising Steelers runner that no one looks forward to hitting.

5) Michael Turner - Maybe the Chargers got rid of the wrong running back. Nevertheless, the Falcons have made him feel right at home, and he's delivered in a big way.

4) Chris Johnson - While 2,500 yards is a ridiculous goal, I like the attitude. I also like the speed. Catch him if you can (and you can't).

3) Maurice Jones-Drew - MJD has some speed, some power, and some attitude. He's an every down back, and he's the face of the franchise. He doesn't fumble, and he's a scoring machine. That's my kind of guy.

2) Adrian Peterson - He seems to have worked quite a bit on his fumblitis, and he should be the best player on the Vikings' team in 2012. Unfortunately, the Vikings have made a habit of mortgaging their future, so; he may be the new Steven Jackson. Time will tell.

1) Arian Foster - Why? He won the rushing title, and that speaks volumes for a team that was often playing from behind. Of course with the defense loading up to stop Schaub and Johnson, that may have helped him. Regardless, he's got size, speed, and ball security. I have no problem naming him the best running back in the NFL.

That was fun wasn't it? I'll cook something else up for you tomorrow.

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