Sometimes we just need a comparison to get a true grasp of who a player is. Because of this I will give the best recent comparisons I can of our draft picks.

Blaine Gabbert- Tall, strong arm, good throwing the ball on the run, faster than quick, quick release, smart. Josh Freeman. Josh has a slightly stronger arm but a slightly longer release, but otherwise they are almost the same player. But if I'm ignoring the height difference he reminds me a lot of Tony Romo, from the scrambling to the quick release to throwing on the run well.


Will Rackley- Very athletic, good hands, not very long for an OL. Honestly he reminds me of what Alualu would look like if he were an OL. Similar builds and size(Thick calves and somewhat slender upper body for a 300 pounder). But comparing him to another OL, I would have to say Rich Seubert. They both played OT at a small college. They are both 6'3" and 305 pounds. And like Will will have the ability to do, Rich plays and starts at LG and Center amongst having the ability to play every other position on the line. He will be good at pulling, pass blocking, and blocking on the second level.


Cecil Shorts- Somewhat tall receiver, quicker than fast, great hands, great route runner, good runner after the catch, and the ability to be a good returner who sets up his blocks well. This one was a little tricky, as he has traits of outside receivers and slot receivers. Like Cecil, Jordan Shipley is also the son of a coach. Both can catch a lot of passes and become their QB's best friend. Cecil is a slightly better athlete being about .5 inches taller, 10 lbs heavier and a little faster.


Chris Prosinski- He's the ideal free safety height, weight, speed. Fearless and smart when looking at formations. Has shorter arms and stiffer hips. He has similar measurables(Edging out Earl in most categories) and style that Earl Thomas does, including the propensity for missing a tackle here or there. Chris doesn't quite have the instincts that Earl did coming out of college, but he's still smart and it's really hard to tell how good a FS is when the rest of the defense is no good.


Rod Issac- Average height, strong, hard hitter, good game speed, compact, good tackler. This one was fairly easy as most CB's in the league don't know how to tackle. So the first person that popped in my mind was Antoine Winfield. Will get beat deep from time to time by taller faster receivers. Still they are very good CB's but probably best fitting at NB.


This was harder than I thought. I think there are better comparisons out there. I found that I don't know as much about FS's as I thought. Probably doesn't help that they rarely show themselves on film until they make either a mistake or get an INT. Feel free to see if you can find better comparisons. Most of these come from off the top of my head so I'm sure there are guys I'm forgetting.

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