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We'll try every day to give you guys the news on the Jacksonville Jaguars around the internet. It's the off-season for us, so any and all Jaguars information is going to be at a premium. But as you know, you can find everything you need on Big Cat Country. I have no shame.

Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew and Aaron Kampman will be limited in training camp | jacksonville.com
Running back Maurice Jones-Drew and defensive end Aaron Kampman will be limited in training camp, despite the fact that both will be healthy by that time, Jaguars general manager Gene Smith said. Both Jones-Drew and Kampman had knee surgeries.

Blaine Gabbert arrived on Jaguars' radar with Insight Bowl performance | jacksonville.com
Smith likes to see quarterbacks in person, so he went to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz., to check out the player McDonough liked. Smith got onto the field, then didn't spend one second watching Stanzi. He spent the whole game watching the other team's quarterback, Missouri's Blaine Gabbert. "I can't tell you much about Stanzi," Smith told McDonough. "But that Missouri quarterback's pretty good."

Veteran linebacker Kirk Morrison staying busy, open to return to Jaguars | jacksonville.com
Though the Jaguars did not attempt to re-sign Morrison before the collective bargaining agreement expired, that's not a guarantee he won't be back. The Jaguars appreciate Morrison's leadership qualities and consider him a good presence in the locker room as they try to build a high-character franchise. That, combined with the fact that they did not add a linebacker during the draft, could open the door for Morrison's return.

The AFC’s biggest roster holes after the draft | ProFootballTalk
Jaguars defense: Taking two small school defensive backs on the third day of the draft isn’t enough. The Jaguars say they will be aggressive going after defense in free agency. Linebacker and more secondary help is in order.

Driven for Success - Rackley Impressed Everyone
Andy Coen knew immediately. Not that Will Rackley would make the NFL, necessarily. Although that was the kid’s stated goal from the start, Coen – the football coach at Lehigh University – knew that was a long shot whatever the kid’s work ethic.

Jacksonville: An undrafted free agent’s dream locale | Jaguars Blog
Add all these factors up, and it’s clear to see that Jacksonville is an ideal destination for most undrafted free agents. Now, obviously if you’re a running back or a quarterback, Jacksonville won’t likely be first on your list; however, if you’re a defensive end, linebacker, cornerback, safety, wide receiver, or even offensive lineman, Jacksonville should be one of the first calls your agent makes. The Jaguars have some very good talented young players on the roster; however, they also have a lot of open roster spots and positions that need to be upgraded.

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