Post Draft depth chart

Looking at what we've got in the cupboard at the moment before FA and UDFA.  I consulted with Ewdtrey and came up with this rough depth chart using our roster as it stands. I also roughly ranked the players so I can see relative positions of strength/weakness. The scale is 10 = superstar, 9 = star, 8=good player, 7= starter calibre, 6= back-up calibre, 5= problem if playing, + = has unknown upside, italicised = special teams contributor.

Now, obviously I'm a moron and thank Gene (in whom we trust) that I'm not running the club etc. ad nauseum but I think there are things we can glean from the chart. I believe we will get 2 new LBs this year, which I'm excited about.

We could also do with a pass rusher and another secondary player - preferably FS but Gene's positive comments about Whitehead could mean maybe not. On offense our O-line looks settled with Estes also talked up by Gene. We could do with a no.1 receiver but I'm not sure how many FAs we will get after our 2 LBs.



O-Line: LT:Monroe 7.5—LG Manuwai 7—C:Meester 7—-RG: Uche 6.5—---RT: Eben 7.5
                Whimper 6.5—---Smiley 6 ——---Estes6.5——— Rackley 6+ ------Haslam 6
                ----------------—————————-Vierling 5——————————-  Baldridge 5

FL(Z): Thomas 7—SE(X): Hill 6.5—SL(Y): Shorts6+—-TE: Lewis 8—FB:Jones9—RB:MJD9.5
Underwood5—------—Osgood 6.5———Dillard6.5—---—-----Miller6—-----Owens 7—-Jennings6.5
  Matthews5—-----—---Hughes5———————————----Potter5———————-----Deji 6

QB: Garrard 7/Gabbert 6+/McCown 6


LDE: Lane 6.5————DT Alualu 8———-DT Knighton 8.5———RDE: Kampman8
Mincey 6.5—————D’Anthony 7 -——-Douzable 6—————-Morgan 6
Harvey 6———————--------Moseley 6————————————Hart 6

SLB: Smith 8.5————-MLB Kirk Morrison 6.5————-WLB Durant 6.5
         ———------------—— Cutrera6/Slade 6——— Allen 6.5/Bosworth 6.5/Bowen 6

LCB: Cox 7——-SS: Greene 7—FS: Whitehead 6+—NB:Middleton 5.5—RCB: Mathis 6.5
      Wheatley6—-Considine 5———Prosinski 6+————Issac 6+—————D.Jones 6

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