Daily Links - June 27

In the offseason we all know that the news can come a little bit slow but here on BCC we will try and provide a daily link dump so continue on after the jump to get your Jaguar fix for the day.

FEATURE: Marcedes Lewis Football Camp Is A Family Affair - Gazettes.com:
Above the Atlantic Avenue entrance on the campus of Poly High School it reads, "Enter To Learn, Go Forth To Serve."  Many Jackrabbits stay true to those words and serve communities all over the world.  Some come back to do the exact same, and NFL football star tight end Marcedes Lewis is one of those Jackrabbits.

Jones-Drew should own his comments - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Maurice Jones-Drew is outspoken and should be, which is good. He’s making a habit out of backing down from what he’s outspoken about, which is bad.

8CN speaks to future Hall of Fame Jacksonville Jaguars WR Jimmy Smith

He was one of the most prolific Wide Receivers in NFL history.  A 5 time Pro Bowl selection and two Super Bowl rings with the Dallas Cowboys, and an almost for certain Hall of Fame career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Smith now enjoys life in Mississippi running his Team 82 program. 

Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft WarRoom - Mocking The Draft

Mocking the Draft wants to introduce you to an new article series taking a closer look at each team's draft workings.  The WarRoom articles will give you a glimpse at the recent draft history and the decision-making structure of each NFL team. We will also include our thoughts about the structure and draft history.

Time well-spent - Jaguars news on jaguars.com

The first of two stories talking to Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as coaches wrap up their off-season preparation for the 2011 season.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post

Andy Dalton apparently will be the starter on day one. Cam Newton, the first pick in the draft, is expected to move mountains and part seas. At the moment, at least, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder are the No. 1 quarterbacks on their teams’ depth charts. None of them may be in as advantageous a position for long term success as Blaine Gabbert. The only expectations for him this season in Jacksonville are to get splinters on his rear end from sitting on the bench, and blisters on his index finger from keeping charts on the sideline.

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