Midnight Thought Drop

Ndamukong Suh attempts to rip Jake Delhomme's head off during a preseason game on August 28 2010 at Ford Field in Detroit Michigan.

It's the end of yet another pathetic week of NFL news. Here's a quick rundown of what we now know. The Jaguars' coaching staff is one of eight coaching staffs that have spoken out against the NFLCA's filing of being a "friend of the court" in favor of the NFLPA. We also know that their was a secret meating between some owners and NFLPA representatives in Chicago. Apparently, the NFL and NFLPA can keep secrets with the best of'em. Let's dive into my delusional mind for a little midnight madness.

For those of you who aren't race fans, I'm sorry. You missed two fantastic races last weekend. That's all I'm saying about racing this week. I promise.

The Lions have found a nickname for their defensive line. The unit will now be called the "Silver Crush." Detroit had a solid defensive line last year, and it should be even better this year, but they shouldn't be looking for nicknames. This is a team that struggles to make it to 6-10. Maybe they should think more about the upcoming season (and it will happen) and less about what the local paper will be calling their defensive line after another lack-luster year. I think they're a team on the rise, but they haven't earned the notoriety of a nickname. The worst part is that they're giving themselves the nickname. Come on guys.

For the record, the "black hole" years were my favorite in Jaguars' defensive history. Now THAT'S a nickname.

Adam Schein of Fox Sports rated the Jaguars as the 27th best team in the league. The really frustrating part was that he rated the Jaguars' quarterback a 4, the same as the Lions and the Browns. He gave the Broncos a 5. I'm no expert, but I'll still take David Garrard over Tim Tebow any day. You can check that list here.

As a reminder, the Jacksonville Sharks are still atop the entire AFL standings at 9-1, and the play the New Orleans Voodoo on the NFL Network Friday (tonight) at 8 PM.

That's all I've got folks. Here's my invitation to you. Send me any emails with questions, thoughts, criticisms, opinions, snide remarks, or anything else to smaclemons@gmail.com, and I'll get back with you in some manner or another. This lockout sucks, and anything of value is greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend. We'll see you back here on Monday.

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