Division rival depth charts: TEXANS

Know your enemy...Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...etc. I was enjoying our free agency and our improving defence but before crowning us division champions I realised I should investigate our rivals depth charts post-draft and free agency.

The most compelling team as usual is the on-paper pre-season champions the Houston Texans new and improved with Wade Phillips' much vaunted 3-4. So, I thought I'd sketch their possible depth chart out so we know roughly what we're up against. I don't know this team intimately and will probably need plenty of help so feel free to point out mistakes - as I'm sure you will.

Overall, I think of the Texans as the anti-Jags. They are big market, big stadium etc. and have all the high profile showpony playmakers and promise the Earth while we keep our heads down work on our O and D-lines first, concentrate on small things like the special teams and are buisness-like building through the draft.

This year, I think Texan's drafted extremely well, securing a lot of high profile draft choices with the obvious aim of upgrading their defence - they actually signed three rookies that posters on here have suggested as our first round pick at 16.  The prolonged lockout is working against them, setting even the veterans back trying to instill a new system with only a month and a half before the first game, however, I believe the talent is definitely there and will show in time, probably next year.  Rookies in Italics.


QB: Matt Shaub, Matt Leinart, TJ Yates.

WR: Andre Johnson, Jacoby Jones, Kevin Walter, Dorin Dickerson, Jeff Maehl, Terrence Toliver, Lestar Jean

RB: Arian Foster, Ben Tate, Steve Slaton

TE: Owen Daniels

LT: Duane Brown Derek Newton

LG: Wade Smith

C: Chris Myers

RG: Brisiel, Caldwell

RT: Winston


DE-JJ Watt (6'5 290)

NT- Earl Mitchell (6'3 291), Shaun Cody

DE- Antonio Smith (6'4 275)

OLB/DE- Mario Williams (6'6 285) Friday

ILB- Brian Cushing (6'3 259) Sharpton

ILB- Demeco Ryans (6'1 248) Cheta Ozougwu

OLB- Connor Barwin (6'4 260), Brookes Reed

CB- Kareem Jackson (5'10 195), Brandon Harris

CB- Johnathan Joseph (5'11 190), Rashard Carmichael

FS- Glover Quinn (6'0 203)

SS- Danieal Manning (5'11 202) Shiloh Keo

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