My thoughts on the Jag's player ratings on Madden 12

ESPN released the Jags full Madden ratings last week and I thought I'd comment on somethings I saw in the ratings.

First off, these ratings are obviously very, very pre-free agency. The roster still has MSW, Trent Edwards, Kirk Morrison, and Sean Considine on it. But putting that aside...


Marcedes Lewis is going to be a beast this year he's our 2nd highest rated player (90 OVR) behind MJD. He is faster than 73 SPD, though. I'm kind of surprised by Zach Miller's 73 OVR rating. Maybe EA knows something we don't. 

A major concern in the WR core is that well, it sucks. Our best WR is Mike Thomas at a 79 OVR, but however that's not my biggest concern. That would be: why does Jason Hill have only an 87 SPD? Isn't he supposed to be a burner at WR? Jarrett Dillard is at a 61 OVR , which can be expected after being injured two straight seasons. The guy who looks scary at WR thought is Cecil Shorts. Don't let his 60 OVR rating fool you, he is going to be very dangerous, especially when you look at his 92 SPD, 94 ACC, 86 AGL, 77 CAT (which is good for a rookie), and his 91 JMP. 

It is very clear that EA believes that Maurice will be back and better than ever this year with his 95 OVR rating. He's your best bet when playing as the Jags, with his 94 SPD, 95 ACC, 96 AGL, 89 AWR, 87 CAR, and 89 TRK. My only concern with MJD is his 78 STR, you'd think it would be a bit higher. Rashad Jennings checks in at a respectable 74 OVR and like MJD he has an 89 TRK. ButI thought he'd be a little faster than 84 SPD, especially after his run against the Raiders.  Deji Karim is 66 OVR, but is the second fastest RB at 90 SPD. They don't have at kick return rating so its unknown how he'll look in that area. 

How, HOW, is Greg Jones only an 84 OVR??????????? The guy is like a dump tuck out on the field. I can only hope that he's improved in the updates. Montell Owens is also an 84 OVR which is quite interesting seeing as he's primarily as ST player. I'm assuming that it's a mistake. 

As for QB's, David Garrard is about where he's always been an 83 OVR. QB of the future Blaine Gabbert is a 75 OVR and actually has a better THA than Garrard (83 vs 80), but it appears both are similar out of the pocket (Garrard has 77 SPD and Gabbert 75 SPD). Luke McCown is a 72 OVR.

Eben Britton is an 85. WHY? Apparently EA likes him more than Eugene Monroe who received an 81 OVR. The reliable Brad Meester leads the OL with an 85 OVR (i really like the 95 AWR) and looks ready for one more season. Uche Nwaneri checks in at an 84 OVR and is the strongest OL with a 94 STR. Will Rackley is listed as a center for some reason, but has a 92 STR and a 42 AWR (which is higher than Gabbert's 40 AWR). Jason Spitz isn't on the roster and Green Bay's rating have not been released yet, but I'd imagine he'll be between 68-73 OVR.

Finally, finally, Madden has been kind to Daryl Smith bestowing upon him a 90 OVR rating (88 AWR, 93 TKL, 92 PRC , and 91 HPR). His 78 SPD is a concern, though. Russell Allen is the top back up LB at 70 OVR. Posuluszny and Session aren't on the roster but here are their ratings. Poz is a 87 OVR (85 AWR, 93 TKL, 95 TGH, 93 PUR, and 95 PRC). but like Daryl Smith his speed (76 SPD) is a concern. Clint Session has an 81 OVR rating, but will be the fastest LB with 84 SPD. His 85 TKL is lower than expected, but his 94 HPR is a nice addition.

Scobee is an 81 OVR, with 96 KPW and 86 KAC. Mike Turk is not on roster at this time, but has an 81 OVR.

Terrance Knighton leads the DL with an 87 OVR (94 STR and a 96 Block Shedding). Knighton's running mate at DT, Tyson Alualu is an 84 OVR (90 STR and 92 PMV). After his 2nd ACL surgery, Aaron Kampman is still an 86 OVR and has the best AWR of any DL at 86. Jeremy Mincey is a 76 OVR and is very much like he is in real life, all toughness and hustle. Austen Lane begins that year at 64 OVR, but something tells me that he'll be improving quickly. C.J. Mosley and D'Anthony Smith are the top backups at DT, coming in at a 71 and 64 OVR, respectively. Alfie's camp crush, Aaron Morgan starts off at a 54 OVR.

Rashean Mathis still leads the Jags secondary with an 89 OVR. His 87 AWR leads the secondary also. Courtney Greene  is a 77 OVR, but it looks like missed tackles may still be an issue on Madden as he has only a 74 TKL rating (which has him tied with Prosinski). Derek Cox's 75 OVR is a real disappointment to me. I was thinking more like 78 or 79 OVR. Chris Prosinski is the best option at FS until Dawan Landry is added to the roster. And, just like Cecil Shorts, his rating is misleading. His 93 SPD makes him the 2nd fastest player in the secondary as does his 93 JMP. His 46 AWR is tops for a Jaguars rookie.  Rod Issac is left off the roster for some weird reason, but I'll assume he'll check in with a 59-63 OVR once he's added. Dawan Landry and Drew Coleman are left off the roster, as it's pre-free agency. Landry has an 86 OVR and his 81 TKL will be the best in the secondary once he's added to the roster. He is slower than I thought he would be with just an 82 SPD and he also has a 76 AWR, which is also lower than it should be. Drew Coleman comes in at 71 OVR, but has only 85 SPD, which you'd think would be better considering he's a corner blitzing specialist. 

All in all, the rating for the Jags in Madden are a bit lower than expected. EA wasn't too kind to a team that's believed to be on the rise, however, there will be roster updates ever week during the season so these rating will change from week to week. 

Please let me know what you think of the Jaguars first roster on Madden NFL 12!

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