"Sunshine vs. David, The real questions"

How good will the Jaguars defense be?

It's too early to determine, but they have great potential. Can they gain chemistry and  trust with the new additions by the regular season? If they can and the Jaguar's impact players( Kampman, Poz, Sessions,Daryl Smith, Landry, Alualu, Roth, Mathis, Cox, Coleman and Knighton) can stay healthy the full season, we have a great chance of making the playoffs.

How does this play into who I like to start at quarterback?

I think the defense could play a role, because the better the defense the less you ask of your quarterback and can continue to pound away with MJD and Rashad Jennings. Also get into your play action fakes, a control the clock offensive attack. I think David is perfect in this role.

On the other hand, the new additions never gel and we have injuries to impact players. Therefore, in most games like the Saints, Colts, Steelers, Falcons, Chargers, Texans, Ravens and Bucaneers will have quarterbacks that will expose our defense. This will force our offense to get out of our running game and pass. I think Blaine is perfect in this role.

Do you feel comfortable with David or Blaine throwing 30-40  times a game?

If our defense isn't up to par, that may happen. Forcing David to throw is a win for the defense. David is good for having 1-3 good drives a game passing down the field. If your asking more than that, then Dave will throw interceptions.

If you drafted a quarterback in the top 10 of the draft and call him your franchise quarterback, the organization must think he is a quarterback that can lead the team. I don't know yet for myself, but you know what you have in David. If Blaine is already equal to Dave after 3 weeks, I would rather have Sunshine in a shootout.

Do you expect a better David Garrard in 2011?

It now seems like the deciding factor is can David Garrard remain healthy and again how good the defense plays. If healthy, David will hope the defense will not put him in tough situations. If so, I expect  his touchdowns will equal last year and his interceptions will drop. At the age off 33, its hard to see his skills still increasing.

Why are we still talking about a quarterback competition week 2 of the preseason?

That's because Blaine's "arm" has spoken for himself. We hear so much because he has been that good in practice. You hear he is consistent and never makes the same mistakes. Also Jason Hill and Kampman added gas to the fire when saying he has "IT". This comment caught my attention, " You can see it in David sometimes". Wow! This is coming from your supposedly #1 receiver Garrard.   Blaine isn't only winning over the fans, he is starting to win over his teammates.

The likely hood of our defense to be great this year is not in our favor. Good, better than last year, but not great.

I say start Blaine if he continues to impress.

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