Why Jacksonville will win the AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars have long been the Colts' play things.  Year after year the Colts win the division and Jacksonville usually ends up crying.

Not this year.

Jacksonville will win the AFC South and here is why.

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I am going to break this down showing why the other three teams will not win and then tell why Jacksonville will capitalize.


  1. Tennessee Titans-  The Titans have way too many issues to win the division.  Their WR corp has no recognizable name except for Kenny Britt.  They had Moss but we all see how that went.  Their star RB is holding out for a huge contract and there are rumors they want to trade him.  Their QB's are Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker.  Matt spent some time on the bench last season and Locker just doesn't have the experience (the lack of talent is not helping).  Jacksonville will place above these guys because they are more complete team.  Their Defense should not place near the bottom again.
  2. Houston Texans-  The paper champs it appears.  I even had these guys winning until recently.  Yes they have one of the best DC's and yes the have one of the best WR/RB combos in the league.  What they do not have is experience in the new system.  It will be the defense that will be the Texans downfall just like it was last year.  They have no reliable NT so MJD and CJ can run up, their secondary looks scary but we saw how that worked out (go find a video of "The Rebound").  Their defense is a 3-4 and is in their first year.  Its going to be that lack of proven rush prevention that is going to place the Jaguars above them.
  3. Indianapolis Colts-  This is going to be short and simple.  The Colts are nothing without Peyton Manning.  Go look at the pre-Manning years and you will see what I mean.  If Manning gets a season ending injury, their goose is cooked.  The Colts signed him to a five year contract when I give it two before he calls it done.  They improved their O-Line but fail to sign their first round pick because he "isn't proven".  Well neither was Manning.  They let Linebackers go as if they were the plague.  Jacksonville took one of those LB's and I think good ole Clint Session is ready to prove a point.  The fact they shuffle LB's so much and the possible lack of Manning is going to ruin their day. 


As you can tell, the Jaguars should win.  There are too many issues with the other teams.  Yes the Jags have their issues but they are the most complete team.


This has been the ForeverRanger and I am out

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