Predicting Jaguars' Offensive Players Statistics

I'm going to predict the Jaguars' players statistics.



David Garrard - 321 Completions,  494 Attempts, 65% Completion Percentage, 3, 283 Yards, 20 Touchdowns, 11 Interceptions, 36 Sacks, 241 Sack Yards, 90.2 Quarterback Rating, 54 Rushing Attempts, 221.4 Rushing Yards, 4.1 Yard Rushing Average, 5 Fumble, 3 Fumbles Lost

Blaine Gabbert - 38 Completions, 76 Attempts, 50% Completion Percentage, 360 Yards, 2 Touchdowns, 1 Interception, 5 Sacks, 49 Sack Yards, 67.9Quarterback Rating, 3 Rushing Attempts, 26 Yards, 8.7 Yard Rushing Average, 1 Fumble, 1 Fumble Lost

Luke McCown - No Statistics


I think David will have a very good season, one that compares a lot to his 07 season.  He has a reliable target in Mike Thomas, a reliable target in Marcedes Lewis, and now a reliable target in Cecil Shorts, Jason Hill will also impress, David will prove all the "Start the Rookie" fans wrong.  Blaine will come in during Garbage Time in a multiple games, and do a solid job for a rookie.  McCown registered No statistics, because he was the third QB on the roster, and this year David will not sustain any inuries.


Running Back:

Maurice Jones-Drew - 280 Rushing Attempts, 1,428 Rushing Yards, 5.1 Yard Rushing Average, Long of 71 Yards, 7 Rushing Touchdowns, 34 Receptions, 308 Receiving Yards, 9.1 Receiving Average, Long of 46, 1 Receiving Touchdown, 2 Fumbles, 0 Fumbles Lost

Rashad Jennings - 109 Rushing Attempts, 601 Rushing Yards, 5.6 Yard Rushing Average, Long of 48, 6 Rushing Touchdowns, 25 Receptions, 228 Receiving Yards, 9.1 Receiving Average, Long of 29, 1 Fumble, 1 Fumble Lost

Deji Karim - 54 Rushing Attempts, 254 Rushing Yards,  4.7 Yard Rushing Average, Long of 21, 1 Rushing Touchdown, 6 Receptions, 37 Receiving Yards, 6.2 Receiving Average, Long of 11, 3 Fumbles, 1 Lost, 60 Returns, 1,560 Return Yards, 106 Long, 2 Touchdowns

Greg Jones - 11 Rushing Attempts, 60 Rushing Yards, 5.5 Yard Rushing Average, Long of 20, 4 Receptions, 21 Receiving Yards


With the Defense getting the Offense the ball back more often, and quicker, the Jaguars have a lot of time of possession, and spread the ball out a lot, Jones-Drew now with a healed knee, can take it the distance on any play again, he turns in a tremendous season, and makes the Pro Bowl, but most importantly wins his Fantasy Football Championship.  Rashad Jennings proved himself, and continues to do so, with a very strong season.  He continues to take the load off of Maurice, and does a great job, he does a great job in the goal line, and breaks a few big runs.  Deji gets some playing time and doesn't disappointing, but does even better in the return game, Deji scores two Touchdowns, and consistently gives the Jaguars good field position.  Greg Jones get the ball a little bit more this season, and flashes the guy he was in college.  


Wide Receiver:

Jason Hill - 55 Receptions, 880 Receiving Yards, 16 Yard Receiving Average, Long of 59 Yards, 5 Receiving Touchdowns

Mike Thomas - 64 Receptions, 702 Receiving Yards, 11.0 Yard Receiving Average, Long of 41, 4 Receiving Touchdowns, 3 Rushing Attempts, 46 Rushing Yards, Long of 27

Cecil Shorts III - 49 Receptions,  517 Receiving Yards, 10.6 Yard Receiving Average, Long of 36, 2 Receiving Touchdowns, 11 Rushing Attempts, 116 Rushing Yards, Long of 46, 1 Rushing Touchdown, 40 Punt Returns, 480 Return Yards,  12 Yard Return Average, 1 Return Touchdown

Jarett Dillard - 19 Receptions,160 Receiving Yards, 8.4 Yard Receiving Average, 1 Receiving Touchdown

Kassim Osgood - 10 Receptions, 100 Receiving Yard, 10 Yard Receiving Average


The Receivers step it up this year, Jason Hill take over for Mike Sims-Walker, and plays just as good, but provides the deep threat, Mike Thomas continues to be a reliable target, and Cecil Shorts turns it on, Jarrett Dillard stays healthy, and Kassim Osgood does great as a blocking Wide Out.



Tight End

Marcedes Lewis - 49 Receptions, 630 Receiving Yards, 12.9 Yard Receiving Average, 6 Receiving Touchdowns

Zach Miller - 26 Receptions, 300 Receiving Yards, 11.5 Yard Receiving Average, 1 Receiving Touchdown


Marcedes Lewis has a good year, production fell a little, because Cecil Shorts was inserted into the offense more, and when Lewis did come in, he had to block most of the time, even during a lot of pass plays, due to the line struggling.  Zach Miller's production went up, but it's still not where the team wants it to be.






This took me 2 hours, I was a little generous to a few players, but I think it's realistic.

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