An Outsiders Opinion: Media and Luke

If I told you I was shocked that the Jags would get this much media hate, I would be lying.


The media hates the Jags for many reasons.  Bad ticket sales, poor play, this situation.


I am going to give my opinion after the jump.

The Jags getting chewed out for the bad ticket sales is ridiculous.  Florida's economy sucks in general and it has three football teams.  That is a recipe for disaster (go look at California too).  Constantly given the title "Number 1 team to go to LA" gets sickening after a while.  Go see my other article for that.


Bad play can't be excused but when you are in the same division with a future Hall of Famer, things happen.  I will admit it: Peyton Manning owned the division.  I wish him a good recovery but not a fast one.  Last year the Jags were one MJD injury away from winning the division.  Did they get any credit for that?  HELL NO.  They made up excuses for Indy left and right but it showed Manning was in fact human.  To any Texans fan that thinks they own the Jags, go back to last season and look at the Hail Mary pass.  Their Defense maybe good on paper but it takes 2 years to really get a hold on a new scheme.


And now with David Garrard getting the boot, they are getting dogged on for it.  David had 4 years to prove he could take the Jags to the promise land.  That is 1 more than I would have given him.  David had SO MANY chances to prove himself but could never be consistent.  Why say screw the year already?  The season ain't over for the Jags until they play the Colts in week 17.


If the coaches think Luke can win for them NOW, then why keep someone who is going to hold the team back?  JDR's job is on the line and if he thinks Luke can win, then so be it.  I think the Jags could win the division this year because the AFC South is officially for sale now that its previous owner the Colts are without the keys to the house (Manning).


The Texans are the favorites because they look best on paper.  Tell that to the Cowboys last season.  Favorites before the first snap mean nothing.  Until I see that Houston are the AFC South Champions, I will not believe it.


This is the Outsider Opinion and GO JAGS!!!

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