Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 11: A general view of EverBank Field ahead of the Tennessee Titans versus Jacksonville Jaguars on September 11, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Let's take a spin around the internet to see what others are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Pro Football Focus Breakdown: Jaguars vs. Titans | Jaguars Blog
If you’ve never been to Pro Football Focus’ website, it’s worth your time. They watch all the plays of every game and rate the players based on their performance. You can see their grading criteria here. Players’ ratings seem to most often end up between around +3.0 and -3.0 for any individual game, but can vary greatly based on performance. This will be a general look at a few of the stats from this week’s game; to see the full game ratings, go to Pro Football Focus and sign up for their Premium Stats service.

Jaguars Windsprints: The Gratitude Edition | Jaguars Blog
There really is not much pretext to this Windsprints. It was 9/11 and beyond our political leanings it was demanded of us to be reverent and grateful. I started my day trying to watch the Flight 93 movie and simply could not make it through that cinematic piece of history. Seeing the confusion of the day dramatized did not bother me as I thought it would. Surely something had to be generated, as there was no means by which anyone could have documented conversations on the flight. Rather, it was the collective chaos from the FAA to the military that struck a chord in me. The relative level of disorder that we have come to know as reality amidst the atrocity that was the Twin Towers is a persistent snapshot in my mind’s eye. However, the actions required by those scrambling to secure the heavens and furthermore those of us on the ground from greater damage transcended any article read or interview seen.

Sudden impact - Jaguars news on jaguars.com
Drew Coleman didn’t say there was pressure, exactly. In the NFL, you don’t control your opportunities for big plays, so in this past Sunday’s regular-season opener, the veteran nickelback said the Jaguars’ defensive newcomers didn’t feel they absolutely had to do something memorable. Still, given the situation – new team, home game, big moment – making an impact . . .

Love It or Hate It: Luke McCown and Jaguars’ Offensive Game Plan " Black and Teal | A Jacksonville Jaguars Blog
The Jaguars won their first game of the season this past Sunday and did it with a succinct game plan. Run the ball and pass when necessary on offense and dominate the line of scrimmage on defense forcing the Titans to throw. However, this game plan will not be the norm (although run the ball will be the theme) for the rest of the season. Click the jump to see what the Jaguars could possibly be thinking of doing in future games.

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