The Reality of the Jags


To tell you the truth before this game I was not feeling comfident at all. The Jags have a pretty bad passing offense, and haven't really had much success since Thunder & Lightning.


The reality is when you take the teal glasses off, we just aren't that good. We went 8-8 last year but could have very easily have done much worse. The only team we beat convincingly the whole year was Dallas, and against winning teams last year it was pretty pathetic. In fact we lost by an average of 17.2 pts to winning teams last year. Only beating one winning team (indy) by 3 points. Every other team we beat was a losing team. Think about that when you consider our "success" last year. 


What made me most concerned about the late QB switch was it was made from a point where Garrard was playing horrible. Not that McCown was so much better than him. I was better with Garrard over Lefty because he clearly played better than him. However McCown over Garrard was pretty much Garrard and Gabbert not playing very well, and taking a flyer that McCown wouldn't be much worse than Garrard. Which I didn't think could happen until yesterday. Another day like that and we're down to the rookie and the farmer. 


I said before year started, I only saw a "sure" 4-6 wins on the schedule and beyond that it just depended on how things shake up injury wise and all. I still see about the same after 2 weeks. The schedule we were handed is just that tough, and we just honestly aren't that good. 


The good thing is our defense looks MUCH better, and not just for the short term but for the long haul as well. We are close to getting back to that defense where the other team KNOWS it just played a game with the Jaguars for about a week. I still think this team has the potential to be a Top 15 defense, and yes I know we're top 5 right now but we've also not played a potent passer yet either. 


I take heart in the fact that the Jets knew we would try to run the ball, and MJD still averaged almost 5 yards per carry. Although I find it disappointing that two weeks in a row we were 1 yard a way from a first down/td and couldn't convert. 


I think at this point Jack will be lucky to survive the bye week. I think we get to the bye week 2-6. I see us winning against Cincinnati but not really winning against any other teams. And yes I know that we beat the Titans and the Titans beat the Ravens, I still don't think we beat the Ravens. I don't know which QB gives us the better shot, Gabbert or McCown. But it doesn't appear likely we'll win much with either QB as of right now. 


I believe what I see, and what I see tells me we're still a year away(at minimum). We need some pieces still. I think the pieces we have are serviceable, and could actually turn out to be pretty good. So I'm not that worried about this year. We have football, and I wasn't sure we would. I'm going to watch, and I'll have fun even if it's just laughing with my friends at our inept offense. Next year will be a better year. And who knows this year could bring some surprises as well. 


What I most worry about is if McCown is given another shot, and he has a game like yesterday. Then what? We'd have to release McCown as he'd never get his confidence back. Now we're stuck with the rookier and the grandfather farmer? That is just scary. 


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