Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

JACKSONVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 11: A general view of EverBank Field ahead of the Tennessee Titans versus Jacksonville Jaguars on September 11, 2011 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Let's spin around the internet and see what others are saying about the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Gene Frenette: With rain and Blaine, plan was too plain | jacksonville.com
On Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, will quarterback Blaine Gabbert be wearing an orange jumpsuit to go with those handcuffs? I realize Jacksonville is a conservative town, and the Jaguars’ identity has been as a run-first team, but don’t make this into a Tea Party offense. Please, turn the kid with the golden arm loose a little bit.

Jaguars Notebook: Special-teams ace Montell Owens injures knee | jacksonville.com
The Jaguars lost another special-teams Pro Bowl player temporarily on Sunday when Montell Owens strained his medial collateral ligament, Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said. Del Rio said Owens would be out for a week or two. Owens suffered the injury in the third quarter of the Jaguars' 16-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers. It happened on a kickoff return after the Panthers kicked a field goal. Running back Deji Karim took the ball out of the end zone, and Owens was injured during the return.


Jaguars thrown off their offensive game plan | jacksonville.com
Coach Jack Del Rio understands why the Jaguars stressed the run against Carolina on Sunday when they had rookie Blaine Gabbert playing under center in a rainstorm. "I think the combination of the weather and our ability to run, them missing two linebackers and obviously Blaine's first start may have contributed to that, but it wasn't really the kind of look I'd like us to have," he said.


"A little too conservative" - Jaguars news on jaguars.com
As Jack Del Rio sees it, the time has come. With fans and observers criticizing the team’s offensive approach early in the season – particularly during the second half of a loss to the previously winless Carolina Panthers Sunday – Del Rio said it may be time for an altered approach offensively. "I’m not sure what caused us to be as conservative as we were," Del Rio said Monday, a day after the Jaguars (1-2) ran 34 times and threw 21 passes in a 16-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers (1-2) in Charlotte, N.C.


Opportunity lost - Jaguars news on jaguars.com
Head Coach Jack Del Rio said it first. In the following hour, as Jaguars players – particularly defensive players – filed through the locker room, the word became a theme. The word: opportunities. As Del Rio and the Jaguars saw it, there were way too many missed on Sunday.


Chopping Heads Won't Make the Jaguars Any Better | September
Maybe I just enjoy playing devil's advocate, or maybe I just don't agree with much of the outrage following the Jaguars 16-10 loss in Carolina. I just don't see how Jack Del Rio has become a scape goat for the Jaguars' poor offense. For as much grief as he's given for the offense, he's been given no credit for the defensive success. Why? You tell me.


Memo to Jack Del Rio: You're the boss - AFC South Blog - ESPN
There is a line between candor and throwing a guy under the bus. Many Jack Del Rio critics think he does too much of B, frequent passing of the blame. I’ve often given him the benefit of the doubt for being honest and willing to talk about who’s done what wrong. In an NFL world of spin, it's refreshing to get a real assessment. But after indicating the monsoon in Carolina dictated the Jaguars' offense taking it slow on Sunday, he turned Monday to offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. And I don't think Del Rio was fair to his top offensive lieutenant. 

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