Another Mock, With Trade Scenarios

First, I want to say this is more of a best case scenario mock, because there are a lot of trades. I'm not assuming these trades will's more what-if. As I've done before, I'm using the DraftTek web-site, this time using CMD 6 as a guideline. If a player in this mock falls significantly lower than what's expected (i.e. Alshon Jeffery), I'll assume he's already gone. At the same time, I'll only take whatever is available at that pick.

1. 7. TRADE with EAGLES for 1.15, 2.45, and 2.46

The Eagles will probably not come to a new contract with DJax. Even with guys like Avant, Maclin and Smith, an elite breakaway wide receiver has got to be at the top of their list. Little did we know, that the trade the Browns worked out of the Falcons last year would give us an easy pocket to pick, as the Eagles have 2 2nd round picks. With the Eagles still thinking they're only a few pieces away, they are now able to jump Carolina for the first or second (depending on how they're board looks) WR in the draft. It's a win-win trade.

1.10. TRADE with BILLS to this spot for our 1.15 and 2.46 picks. Draft RILEY REIFF, OT

Some people might have a problem with doing this if we get that first trade, but I don't. I'm a believer in the Reiff, and I think along with signing Carl Nicks, we'll have one of the top O-Lines in football with strengths in both pass and run blocking. We have now successfully gotten a free second round pick out of moving back 3 spots and drafting a guy who'd be worth number 7, anyways.

2.38. Draft DWIGHT JONES, WR

There are many receivers that could be available here. Some people like Wright, some Sanu. I like Jones. I think no matter what happens in the draft, we take a wide receiver in the second round.

2.45. TRADE back to BEARS with this pick and Mike Thomas for 2.50 and 3.80

In this mock, the Bears went with a WR in the first round. The Bears are pretty much legendary for their bad offensive line, and they'd like to do something about that. The Bears secure OG Cody Glenn and pick up one more weapon (or so they think) for Jay Cutler.


High on some people's boards, and low on others.


I've heard from people on this site that Wilson isn't coming out, but I've read it nowhere else. Please link me if I'm wrong about this. I think both Wilson and Curry are second round talent, and I also think top of the 3rd round is a little far for either one. That being said, if either one falls I'll grab him (as both are available on DraftTek). Very last choice would be Mike Brewster, OC.


I imagine McNutt and Jones would play a similar role on the offense, leaving a big target on all downs.

4.101. Draft MICHAEL EGNEW, TE

Reuniting Gabbert and Egnew. Egnew was the best TE in college with Gabbert throwing at him.

5.134. Draft RYAN BROYLES, WR/PR

Mike Thomas 2.0. Let's get it right, this time.

7. ? Draft SHAWN POWELL, P

Strong leg, good Athlete.

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