Mike mularkey tenur in buffalo

So mike mularkey is the new jags head coach and much is being made of his tenur in buffalo. I am a bills fan along with a jags fan. this post is coming solely from memory so there might be some misses and some errors as far as players go. im also not a huge fan of the hire so this might make this article a little more biased. But i take slight issue that some people are making it out to be a rather impressive accomplishment that he got buffalo to a 9-7 record and its is not an accurate thing to say. its hard to believe but buffalo has had some good players and during his tenure he had the best bills teams in recent memory. In 04 it was actually viewed as a disappointment for that team to go 9-7 loss the last week knocking them out of the playoffs(remember that feeling well)

in 2004 to 2005 these are the note worthy players on the bills team

willis mcgahee

drew bledsoe(in 04 only)

terrence mcgee

nate clements

london fletcher

takeo spikes

Aaron schoebel

lawyer milloy

pat williams

troy vincent

jabari greer?(i think but he didnt play much)

lee evans

eric moulds

he resigned due to "differences" but i remember that the team was not responding to him and you could tell from their play on the field. Levy was coming in to take the team in a different direction due to the dissapointing play the past 2 years. Mularkey saw the writing on the wall and resigned before he was fired (most likely after the 06 season if they did not perform well). He also was the one who started the quarterback controversy by putting in holcomb in the middle and the end of the 2005 season even though the team was jp losmans' at the time. Im not trying to mercilessly bash the hire but seeing him in buffalo i can only hope he does a much better job for us because if not we will be in for a long LONG ride that wont lead us anywhere near the playoffs. Also give the bills some credit they are a terrible team but they had some good teams back in the day

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