Mock Offseason Version 4.0

To be honest, I am sick and tired of the over-dissecting of the Mularkey signing. He is the new Head Coach and at this point it is up to us to put faith in Gene and Shad that they made the right selection. Having said that, I think it is safe to move past the move and refocus on the actual player acquisition portion of this offseason(at least until an announcement is made regarding OC,DC, etc.)

The following is purely going under the assumption of Mularkey as HC. Who is DC and OC when the season begins is not subject to speculation here although I do think it will be Tucker as DC and someone we are not hearing as OC.

Free Agency:

  • Chris Redman(QB): Bringing in a veteran backup who will come in knowing the terminology and the system to be implemented will only be a plus in helping Gabbert develop as a QB. Hopefully Redman will only need to hold the clipboard on Sundays, but I think he represents the best realistic option at the backup QB position.
  • Harry Douglas(WR): Another player familiar with Mularkey and his system. Couple that with the opportunity to be a bigger contributor on this team than in Atlanta, and Jacksonville not only makes sense for Douglas but actually should be a very appealing destination for him.
  • Vincent Jackson(WR): A monster talent at WR who has not been all that happy in San Diego. He is not going to come cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but to be very honest, I think I would rather dish out the $$ to him over a Desean Jackson. I just feel like V-Jax is more of what Gabbert and as a whole likely fits better into a Mularkey offense.
  • Wallace Gilberry(DE): While Mincey is a very good player at DE and figures to be a major contributor from that position in the future, the other DE position is frankly right now set to be loaded with guys who should be situational/rotational guys at best. I have watched some tape on Gilberry and think he might be a guy better suited to play on a 4-3 team as opposed to the 3-4 KC runs. Am I saying he is the solution at the other DE position?! Not at all, but I do think that looking at him on a short one or two year deal might end up leading to him surprising us all.

Draft:(For the hell of it, I am going to try and be reasonable, yet unexpected)

ROUND #1: Jonathan Martin (OT Stanford) - Martin is an enormous talent at offensive tackle, who helped anchor the line that protected Luck and enabled Stanford to also have a very successful running attack. With Britton being injured so much and not so great as a tackle, Martin also fills a need. Perhaps this pick even enables Britton to move inside, which in turn could also help facilitate a Nwaneri or Rackley devoting more time to learning the C position.

ROUND #2: Vinny Curry (DE Marshall) - It is not a secret that the Jaguars have lacked a dominant pass rusher for way too long. Curry not only could very well be BAP, but he could also be the answer to our prayers. I honestly think he is the most complete pass rushing prospect in the draft, and I do think he could easily turn out to be the best DE to come out of this draft.

ROUND #3: T.Y. Hilton (WR Florida International) - The Jaguars picked up two solid WRs in free agency, but one thing that they did not address was getting a "burner" who possess the straight up speed to stretch secondaries and open up the field a bit more. Truthfully, not having one of those might have hurt Mularkey's offenses in Atlanta a bit. Hilton is a talented player who could very well find himself as a BAP selection by Gene Smith early in the 3rd round.

ROUND #4: Tank Carder(ILB Texas-Christian) - This is simply a BAP selection. Carder is a beast at the inside linebacker spot and would just be a fantastic selection for depth at LB as well.

ROUND #5: Brock Osweiler(QB Arizona State) - I think that other than his size being an intriguing quality of his, he also has some serious game. Nice mobility, and a good arm makes him seem like an intriguing guy to draft and see what he can become.

ROUND #6: Ben Bojicic (C Bowling Green) - Interesting smaller school prospect who could turn out to be a nice depth player at the center position.

UDFA(lot of small school guys who intrigue me): Kyle Martens (P Rice), Kyle Davis (DE Bethune-Cookman), Julian Talley (WR, Massachusetts), Josh Norman (CB, Coastal Carolina), Ladarius Green (TE Louisiana-Lafayette), Jeff Adams (OT Columbia), Rico Wallace (WR, Shenandoah)

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