Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Gene Frenette: Wrath over Khan's joke about season-ticket holders overblown | jacksonville.com

Sometimes, things that get reported about what a public figure says are done so without any context. That can significantly alter the perception of how it is received, which is exactly what happened to Jaguars owner Shahid Khan in the aftermath of coach Mike Mularkey's introductory news conference. Khan, in both an attempt at humor and to be complimentary of season-ticket holders, did say: "For me, a fan is somebody who's a season-ticket holder for the Jaguars." Many took it as a slap against fans who don't own season tickets, which is a ridiculous notion since Khan obviously wants to market his product to folks that are on the fence or ambivalent about spending money on tickets.

Mel Tucker's disappointment after Jaguars' head coach decision doesn't linger | jacksonville.com

Disappointment was a potential outcome for Mel Tucker when he interviewed to be the Jaguars head coach. Once it came, Tucker gave himself a moment, then quickly looked to the future. "I had to weigh some factors and ultimately the picture became very clear to me that this is where I needed to be," Tucker said. "… If I were to say that I was not disappointed, that would be disingenuous. But I have to move on quickly and make decisions on where do we go from here? That’s all part of the process, I think. That’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed, won’t be the last. It’s how do you handle it."

Tucker, Bratkowski named coordinators

When it came to hiring coordinators, Mike Mularkey said the plan was to move quickly. He has done just that. Mularkey, named the Jaguars’ third head coach on Wednesday, announced on Friday the hiring of three key assistant coaches, including assistant head coach/defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski.

All in

Mel Tucker won’t say the situation was easy, necessarily. But Tucker said when it came time to decide on returning to the Jaguars, the decision wasn’t about easy, but what was right. And he said this, too: As far as his dedication to the Jaguars? His belief in his new boss?

Context on a second shot for Mularkey - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Optimists expect that Mike Mularkey will have far more success as coach in Jacksonville than he had in Buffalo where he was 14-18. I asked Katie Sharp of ESPN Stats & Info to look at coaches in the recent past who were hired after having been head coaches before.

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